What does It mean to Be a Developer at Cubix? A Guide.


25 Apr, 2022


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Are you scrolling on your phone to find a developer position opening, but the picture is not clear enough from the provided job description? It’s like the trailer says nothing specific about the movie. We realize this understatement causes you to misunderstand both the vacant development position and the company’s process. A few years back, research was conducted which revealed that 23% of newly hired employees leave the company in a short time. This is because they were not detailed with proper guidelines and their responsibilities.

A well-jotted job description matters a lot, and Cubix acknowledges this importance. We always onboard developers with the intention of a long-term relationship. The founder and CEO of the company, Salman Lakhani, quote, “Investing in people is most important software business investment” He states that his business success comes from his people, which is undoubtedly true and evident. Therefore, Cubix always looks for a long-term work relationship with their programmers. And for that, we describe our job description very accurately. Being transparent and precise with job postings saves enormous time and aid candidates in making an informed decision before applying.

There are different positions on which Cubix hires people, and some posts also require previous job experience.

Different Levels of Developers’ Positions

To find your path in Cubix as a developer, you need technical skills on one hand and development skills on the other. This blend of both applies to all development positions, which we are describing below.

Intern Level Position

At the intern level, we consider fresh graduates and final year students. We also have a Cubix University program specifically designed for students to let them meet with real-world industry projects and gain practical experience. This drive runs every year, and a considerable number of students participate. We don’t expect them to be an expert or a proficient programmer. As they are beginners in their career path, we only look at their capability of thinking logically. Even pseudo-code is acceptable at this stage.

After that, they get trained under our experts and exposed to real-world projects. Finally, upon successfully completing the internship, they receive a certificate, and we offer them a job.

Junior Level Position

When candidates complete their internship, their designation transforms into a junior developer. Their work becomes more profound with exposure to the industry as they reach this stage. As a result, more responsibilities are added to their job description.

Mid-Level Position

Now things become more technical from this point onwards. Mid-level developers are required to be well-versed with the tools and development process. Unlike the Cubix University program, there is no specific training program or heavy guidance for this level, as they are experienced. For example, suppose we hire for our game development department. In that case, the programmer is expected to know about the Unity game engine and has a certain amount of experience in developing it. Obviously, there is ongoing learning that programmers will gain while working on the projects. At Cubix, a developer with 2-5 years of working experience falls in our middle-level category. Despite this, we do not heavily rely on a number of years; instead, we look at what a person contributes.

Senior Level Position

The 4th level of position is more of leadership and management of a team. That person will be handling mid and junior-level developers. As it is a senior position, we expect they are capable of executing a project. They lead the department and become responsible for the ins and outs of the development process. A group of people gets placed under their supervision, and they guide them throughout the development cycle as a team leads. Looking out the number of years, we count experience over 5 years for a senior developer hiring. But again, the number is the one part of the story; what a person is capable of doing is what makes the game interesting.

Leadership at Every Stage

Salman Lakhani is a leader first, then a businessman. His attitude of putting people first is evident in every Cubixian. Here at the company, everyone is willing to assist others with their tasks. We believe learning never stops, and it becomes interesting to learn new technologies with your workmates. Individuals are not restricted to performing in their respective departments only; by widening their scope, they add more skills to their arsenal and get exposed to various technologies. Later on, their role evolves, and they find themselves in a superior position.

“Establish a work culture that fosters learning on the go.”- Salman Lakhani – CEO

Once you become part of Cubix at any position, there will be people mentoring you with their experiences, which add significant value to your work and fuel your passion. Creating a comfortable environment for programmers to enhance their logical thinking and code creativity is our responsibility.

Our Offices

We offer our digital product development services globally with a headquarter in West Palm Beach, Florida. We also have offices in Dubai and Karachi.

Our clientele list has several big names like Tissot, POLITICO, and Walmart. Worldwide, Cubix is known for its expertise in the development arena and professional approach to programming. We only settle when results speak for themselves.

So, are you coming to Cubix?

This was our guide for developers looking to be part of the fastest-growing development company.

We value our candidates’ time and know that they come with lots of expectations in interviews. However, expectations sometimes cause trouble because of no transparency about the available position.

But not to worry, Cubix has changed the game. We have mentioned all the relevant details so you become aware of us and can make a more informed decision of applying here. Our doors are open for all. We are technology enthusiastic and love innovation. Therefore, we need your creativity to revolutionize the information technology sector. Together, we can make this planet a smart place to live with automation and digitalization.

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