Cubix Named as One of the Top 1000 Global Companies for 2022: Clutch


16 Dec, 2022


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1000 Global Companies for 2022_ Clutch

Businesses that have demonstrated their expertise for over a decade tend to develop industry prominence with significant recognition and awards decorating their brands. Cubix stands among these leading IT businesses, and the company has been in operation for 14+ years. While accolades from various market research organizations come as no surprise, Cubix feels honored with Clutch recognizing its value again.

The following write-up by Clutch highlights the success that Cubix and others in the industry have enjoyed. The company has been included in Clutch’s Top Global 1000 Companies for 2022.

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Finding success in any industry is a journey with many ups and downs. And no two ventures are the same, and it would be a mistake to compare the experiences of one business to another, even within the same industry.

However, one metric remains universal, regardless of the domain – customer service. If a company can guarantee the best customer experience, its success is guaranteed.

Cubix has always wanted to do this with every project it takes on, and we’re happy to say we’ve been quite successful in our approach. This is why we’ve just been named one of the top 1000 companies for 2022 by Clutch.

Clutch is an online business ratings site that provides B2B with important fact-finding research. They use a unique verification system to test the accuracy of all the information sent to them before publishing it on their website.

When a company is considered for the Clutch 1000, it means they earned several high-quality reviews from their respective clients over the past year. It’s a system that rewards teams who prioritize customer service and satisfaction above all else.

“To be considered among the top contenders for Clutch 1000 for 2022 is special. We understand that Cubix has been placed right up there with some of the leading firms in the industry, and we are glad that a prestigious organization like Clutch has included us through its industry research.” – Salman Lakhani, CEO, Cubix.

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