Cubix Honoured By GoodFirms as the Winner of the Trusted Choice Award 2023


19 Jun, 2023


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Cubix Honoured By GoodFirms

Cubix recently won the GoodFirms’ Trusted Choice Award 2023, a prestigious recognition of excellence that honors businesses listed on the GoodFirms platform with the highest reviews for consistently delivering world-class customer experience.

“We are delighted to recognize Cubix, which has excelled in offering such high levels of customer service and satisfaction,” says GoodFirms.

How did Cubix Qualify to Win the Trusted Choice Award?

To win GoodFirms’ Trusted Choice award, a business must have at least 30+ reviews and should achieved a service rating of 4.5 or higher.

Cubix has been showing sustained progress in terms of service delivery, which has helped the company gather as many original user reviews and good ratings as possible.

GoodFirms, the most popular B2B rating and review platform recognized Cubix for its unmatched service quality, and also considered its actual users’ reviews and ratings. The highest number of reviews gathered by Cubix supported its position as the top app development company and GoodFirms’ merit as the “Trusted Choice” for 2023.

With offices in Florida, Pakistan, and Dubai, Cubix is well-regarded for providing exceptional app development services. The company excels at building apps for iOS and Android platforms using Swift, Realm, Coredata, Objective C, Java, Sqlite, Firebase, and Room.

Cubix is also known for offering 2D and 3D game development services using Blender, Maya, Max, and Unity. From envisioning an idea to transforming it into product, Cubix takes charge of every detail in its process with utmost diligence.

A few reviews of Cubix

How winning a Trusted Service Award gave Cubix the edge?

The Trusted Choice award is based on genuine users’ reviews on the GoodFirms platform. Since the reviews are genuine, they can be good or bad.

Businesses in this day and age should focus on moving out of conventional approaches and respond to the changing needs and technological advancements. Transforming and responding to the current trends should be a business’s top priority.

Precisely, this is what Cubix has been following. The company has been delivering exceptional app development services through creative approaches and experimenting with innovative models to deliver its total value.

“We always deliver more than our clients expect. We start with checking their project ideas out thoroughly. Once clients see that you have given them your honest feedback, they trust you more.”

Salman Lakhani
Founder & CEO, Cubix

To receive this recognition, Cubix had to undergo a rigorous assessment based on its user reviews on the GoodFirms platform. The evaluation covered the service landscape, verified client reviews, ratings, and much more. Such an analysis helped bring out strategic information about Cubix’s capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

“If you have positive reviews, you can plan to optimize your service still further. If you lack sufficiently-good reviews, it encourages you to perform better. But, the more the actual feedback from the original users, the better your placement is on GoodFirms’ page. Typically, such awards give reassurance to the users,” added GoodFirms.

Conducting online/digital businesses is challenging these days, with more and more competitors aspiring to stand ahead. Original user reviews and valuable recognition, such as GoodFirms’ Trusted Choice Award, have helped Cubix strengthen its position and make a positive difference.

Awards like this from a reputed B2B platform are the best means to reassure customers of the service provider’s quality. The company, with this recognition, is sure to have more visibility and better business growth.

What is GoodFirms’ Trusted Choice Award?

GoodFirms Trusted Choice Award aims to recognize companies that exceed the customer service benchmark and receive positive feedback from delighted customers. Winners are decided based on the number of reviews and the ratings they receive from their customers.

Gathering the Highest Reviews

Only brands with 30+ reviews and ratings of 4.5 and above are rewarded with the “Trusted Choice” award. GoodFirms’ Trusted Choice Award aims to highlight the quality of our partners, which can improve the confidence and trust the service seekers can have in any service provider. So, every winner is declared when they demonstrate outstanding services to the users and offer the best solutions which can win them good reviews.



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