How to Design for Mobile Apps – 12 Trends to Follow in 2023


3 Jun, 2019


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Designing a mobile app is a gamble since you don’t have any idea about how your users will respond to your mobile app. It’s a risk that you can minimize with intriguing mobile designs.

Not every mobile app tastes success; only a few mobile applications have won tremendous success in the past, such as Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb. These apps exemplify flawless mobile app designs and serve as a benchmark to follow for startups.

The first thing to consider in app development is the way your users will perceive the app, how users will utilize it and whether they enjoy using your app or not. The success of your mobile app is dependent on the answers to these questions

When you design a mobile app, you have to be competitive for winning the battle. It’s vital to utilize new design tips and techniques. and continuously improve the user interface and user experience through creative design features.

For maximum downloads for your mobile app, an intuitive user interface is integral that encourages users to download it.

To design a perfect mobile app, take a look at these fantastic UI trends:

Use Functional Animations

Animations are an integral part of UI designing, giving an interactive and highly-engaging feel to the content. Therefore, designers must ensure to utilize functional animations. It will help them to make their UI engaging. Also, it will better represent images, catches, and fonts.

Also, designers want to execute a human-centered design in which prime focus is on the user. Therefore, such UI has to be intuitive, responsive, and human and functional animation can help easily achieve all these goals.

Full-Screen Background

For attractive app design, visually pleasing images are essential to augmenting UX. A full-screen background is needed to add a pleasant feel to the designs. Graphics and background must completely fill the user screen, without overdoing design elements.

Also, it is known that people engage more with images rather than written content. Therefore, the visually compelling background is more responsive, and unusual than a background packed with written content or plain images. Full-screen background images are trending in 2019 and you must not miss it.

UI without Buttons

Another trend for the year 2019 is a UI design without buttons. A striking example of this trend is observed on Instagram and Snapchat. The platforms have minimized buttons and actions required from the user. Users don’t have to tap any button to change stories. Instead, new stories are displayed after specific intervals.

This trend is gaining popularity within the e-commerce apps, allowing users to skip buttons and place orders within minimum steps. Users can directly drag the item into cart.


Swiping as an action button is a mobile feature that is heavily trending this year. In 2018, designers were using swiping for replacing the delete button in messaging and in mail apps. Tinder is a great platform that has effectively utilizing swiping long before it was cool.

Music apps also implemented this feature to change music swiping also makes the navigation easier when a user navigates between web pages. Hence it is a favorite for 2019.

Undoubtedly, swiping is quite an engaging feature, and if designed accurately, it makes the app highly engaging and competitive.

Customized Illustrations

Customized illustration trend is dominating in 2019. Customized illustrations are different shapes, styles, and figures that shape the design of the app.

customized illustration make the mobile application attractive and give it an identity in the form of a shape that makes it unique.

The trend is fantastic but relatively complex to implement. If designers implement it correctly, then it will help the mobile app to stand out in the mobile app world.

Dynamic Colors

Colors play an essential role in designing an interactive UI. Colors are a great tool that designers can use to exhibit their creativity and design skills. Colors can trigger users’ emotions by catching attention and giving something to ponder over.

Most successful apps like Instagram and Snapchat keep changing their colors to check their users’ varying mood. So, when you design an app, work on color selection, and add vibrant colors in accordance with your brand persona. Understand the emotions triggered by different colors and use colors accordingly.


Opacity is yet another emerging trend that is used by most of the designers to boost the user interface of the app. It enhances the transparency of the applications.

Opacity allows users to set up different transparency settings, including color or illustrations to attain an app’s vibrant interface glass surface.

Opacity is mostly used in the designing process of both mobile apps and logos. Designers must focus on setting the opacity elements to check how the final product will look.

Innovative Scrolling

Users find it irritating when they are unable to navigate from one page to another easily. It’s difficult and frustrating for the users to click multiple links or pages at the same time.

Implementing innovative scrolling helps users to easily navigate. It speeds up the process of different actions, ultimately boosting user satisfaction through faster processing. It also enhances the visual appeal of the app.

User-Interface Assisting Voice

Voice-assisted interfaces are now turning out as a significant trend in the mobile applications realm. It is similar to Siri, where a user needs to sign in a voice-actuated app. Users are not required to enter any security key. It helps users in finding their desired content easily, without scrolling through tons of data.

Nevertheless, it facilitates users who otherwise face difficulties in scrolling through the app.

This feature enhances the user experience and encourages users to download the app, for it makes the experience easier Designers must implement this trend while designing their mobile app for a unique experience.

Utilize Overlapping Impacts Cleverly

The use of overlapping in illustrations, colors, and fonts is one of the most emerging trends of mobile app design in 2019. The wise overlapping gives the feeling of space and enhances the overall UI design.

Many developers use the overlapping element. When combined with shadows, this feature not only improves the UI designs but also enhances the functionality of the app.

Flat Design

Three-dimensional renderings give an updated view of the design. The final result is a mix of 3D realistic and flat interfaces which are visually appealing, complex and at the same time show up everywhere. It provides a slight touch of virtual reality in design

Prominent Typography

Prominent and catchy typography enhances the design and keeps you noticeable in the mobile layouts. It is also considered as one of the critical designing element. Designers are continuously focusing on it to increase user readability with proper fonts.

A beautifully built interface and well-constructed user experience are what drives your app’s success — UI elements such as colors, fonts, images, symbols, text, etc. must sync with the brand personality. At Cubix, we take care of everything when it comes to designing an impressive UI for your app.

If you are looking to implement the most trending UI technologies, then share your business idea with us and let’s take it forward.



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