The Ultimate Game Testing Checklist for Beginners


1 Feb, 2023


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Game Testing

You might be an expert at game testing, but not everyone else is. Therefore, you can help them get the basics right or even move forward with a few techniques that simplify the procedure. Therefore, it’s a good idea to examine a simple procedure for testing a game that can help a new game tester. Of course, some knowledge of game testing for beginners is a prerequisite.

What Is Game Testing and What is its Purpose?

Game Testing is an operation executed in order to unearth the issues that lie within the gaming application. Among the merits of figuring out the issues and fixing them, with game testing, you can also ensure a superior standard product for your customers.

If the game contains difficulties, it can bring huge disapproval, leading to a massive cutback in your sales. That’s something you don’t want.

Who Is a Game Tester?

A Game Tester is a person who tests a game by playing it to unearth any mini-beasts. As a game tester, you must play the game frequently to notice errors and ensure no mini-beasts are present. As a game tester, you should be alert because Game Testing is technical work that requires your attention and diligence. As a result, you can’t miss details that might actually indicate major flaws.

As a game tester, you should have all the information about gaming platforms like PlayStation, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, Hitbox, Smash cast, and PC platforms.

Game Testing Checklist

Some things are checked while testing a game and that is known called the Game Testing Checklist. This is because we must assess all the critical aspects while testing a game as we play it. A few things to take note of when testing a game are included below:

  • Check whether the steps accompany the sound effects.
  • Examine that the game functions are steadily in portraiture and topography mode.
  • Evaluate the enrolment visuals of the application.
  • Look over the quality of settings, animations, movements, and characters.
  • Critique all the content, including dialogues, descriptions, messages, and notifications.
  • Take note of all the features including the scoreboard and leaderboard.
  • Examine whether the speed and working of the game are good, like how it works while switching to other applications.
  • In addition, the game’s logic and the background and continuity of the characters in the game should be investigated well.

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Game Development Cycle

The Game Development Cycle involves the method of developing a game. This comprises pre-production, production, and post-production.


This is a procedure for designing or planning a film. The prototype is used by designers, artists, and programmers in the pre-production procedure. Therefore, it has the same components that are performed in imaginative production.


Production includes the coding process and a combination of numerous components.


Post Production is the work done on a broadcast or recording after it has occurred. Post Production includes all the stages of production.

Examination and Formation

At this juncture, practical tests and black slide tests are executed. In addition, testing of movement, coverage, data integrity and, path-testing, accretion testing are all part of the mobile game testing checklist.

Game Testing Techniques

There are many types of approved Game Testing Techniques below.

Operative Testing

Executing the operative testing means demonstrating the usefulness of the application. In addition, operative testing helps find collective issues like game benefit combinations, game technical issues, and security issues.

Key features

Thoroughly examine the installation of the application. A whole checklist for game testing is mentioned above.

Combinational Testing

Combinational Testing is a testing in which multiplex merging of helping framework to verify every possible blend and borderline of the application.

Key features

Demonstrate the application with a mingling of parameters, such as game performance.

Consistency Testing

Consistency Testing is the most critical element in a gaming application. In Consistency Testing, we don’t cooperate in the matter of the caliber, and it works covering different screen dimensions.

Key features

Consistency testing forms a valuable procedure through which you can tell how popular your game will be when it’s finally launched. With game testing techniques, you can:

  • Verify user interference by analyzing its design.
  • Examine the performance of applications with different process management.
  • Validate the application’s steadiness, usefulness, and extensibility on different platforms.

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Any beginner stepping into the gaming world should have some knowledge of ultimate game testing. It has a lot to teach us. To operate as a professional game tester, you need to have immense love for games and the technologies that are leveraged to build them.

It’s not uncommon to meet people who possess the entire history of games just out of interest in the profession and basically as part of many things they imbibe along the way. Of course, finding such individuals is easier said than done. Still, once you have someone of this caliber examining your game, you’ll recognize them easily just by the intense feedback they can offer you through their mobile game testing checklist.



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