Cubix Named Leading App Development, Game Development, and Blockchain Company


14 Nov, 2022


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Cubix Ranked Best App Development Company by GoodFirms

When competitive companies have been in active business for more than a decade, recognition and awards are no strangers to them. With Cubix crossing 14 years in operation, it receives acknowledgments, awards, and various forms of recognition.

The following write-up by GoodFirms recognizes Cubix as a leading app development company. This endorsement is accompanied by the "Best Company to Work With" award predicated on GoodFirms’ 2022 Leaders Matrix Report.


2022 GoodFirms Leaders Matrix Report

GoodFirms Names Cubix as a Leader for Mobile App Development, Game Development, and Blockchain Development Services and Acknowledges it as the “Best Company to Work With.”

For the Year 2022, GoodFirms Identifies Cubix as a Leader in the Leaders Matrix Program for Mobile App Development. Cubix is also acknowledged as the – “Best Company to Work With.”

Mobile apps are the easiest way to reach customers as these provide everything at users’ fingertips. Businesses are thus looking for top mobile app development companies to develop mobile applications that fulfill their business requirements.

Moreover, leveraging cutting-edge technologies offers a higher edge to businesses; thus, there is a remarkable rise in demand for blockchain development partners across the globe.

GoodFirms has recognized Cubix for its versatile experience and exceptional development skills that have led to the company being recognized as one of the top firms for mobile app development, a market influencer, and an industry leader through the GoodFirms’ Leaders Matrix program.

Based in the US, Cubix offers mobile app and blockchain development services to clients across the globe through its offices in Florida, Dubai, and Karachi.

The company has 14+ years of experience as a development services provider, serving clients in 50+ countries with 100% client satisfaction.

Cubix is popular for building apps and games for various platforms. The company has enjoyed praise for its Android App Development and iPhone App Development expertise that win them excellent client reviews. In recent times, the focus though has been more particularly on developing NFT games.

Cubix Bestowed with ‘Best Company to Work With’ Award

If you are looking for a leading mobile app development, game development, and blockchain development companies for your projects, Cubix is a one-stop solution and a reliable development partner for all your needs. This has been endorsed by GoodFirms’ Leaders Matrix.

Cubix takes pride in working for blockchain giants, including Wagmi, Petwars, and Second World. It has also built popular mobile applications like Spotit, Afia, Goobr, and more.

The company believes that its success lies in the success of its clients. Thus, it commits to offering high-performance mobile app experiences that get clients’ mobile apps trending on the app stores.

With so much to its credit, GoodFirms recently bestowed Cubix with the "Best Company to Work With" award for 2022.


Cubix – Vision, Strength & Scope

In 14 years of its existence, Cubix has successfully developed 1200+ apps for businesses of all sizes, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, across various industries, including eCommerce, finance, healthcare, gaming, food and beverage, real estate, education, travel & tourism, transportation, event management, and many more.

The company has also worked with globally recognized brands like Walmart, DreamWorks, and Suzuki. Moreover, Cubix has created both Android and iOS apps for Bizad, Oomco, Curious, Apply Up, Hotset, and many more.

Among other apps, Curious is an app we can cite as an example of one that has enjoyed significant success. It lets users explore places to visit, various events, and expand your social circle on the web. Cubix has earned a full 5/5 rating from its client for successfully developing this app.

Another major project that Cubix has accomplished is a robust recruitment and job search app, Apply Up, which connects employers and job seekers.

"When anyone approaches us to build a software product, our first instinct is to scrutinize the idea and ensure it promises longevity in terms of a potent market and technological relevance. Our goal is to make sure our client stands to gain sufficiently from that idea," Salman Lakhani, CEO of Cubix.


Why Cubix Scored Among the Best Influencers and Industry Leaders in the Mobile App Development Arena:

Creating an innovative, user-friendly mobile app that attracts customers and enables a client’s business to grow remarkably is the ultimate goal of a top mobile app development company.

Cubix has proved itself by achieving this through its creativity, out-of-box thinking, customer-centricity, utmost diligence, and cost-friendly approach. It has thus emerged as one of the best development partners for mobile app development, game development, and blockchain development.

"We believe Cubix’s positioning in this report reflects the company’s expertise in offering all-inclusive, best-in-class services to its clients in mobile app development, game development, and blockchain development, turning its dream into reality, and laying a strong foundation for its clients to grow and enhance their profits." said GoodFirms.

The Leaders Matrix’ research and analysis by GoodFirms are based on certain key algorithms meticulously designed to evaluate the companies’ performances. To qualify as a leader in this domain, companies must possess outstanding skills and experience in the market, deliver quality services, and have a broad clientele with positive feedback.


About GoodFirms Leaders Matrix

GoodFirms’ Leaders Matrix is a well-known fact-based analysis and grading with a robust research process where GoodFirms evaluates leading companies in various B2B Categories.

Like other service providers, Cubix underwent a comprehensive and systematic assessment under the GoodFirms’ Leaders Matrix program covering the service landscape, verified client reviews, experience in the domain, market, competitive positioning, and much more.

The participating companies in each category are assessed through the Company Performance Algorithm based on two components or parameters: Core Competencies and 360-Performance View. It is a method of positioning top service providers within a specific market.

The evaluation helped bring out detailed information about Cubix’s performance, capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position. The research methodology is highly analytical, and the results derived are based on the Cubix’s core competencies and a 360-degree performance view.

Based on the Leaders Matrix assessment process, Cubix is identified as a major Industry Contender in mobile app development, an Industry Leader in iPhone app development, and a Market Influencer in Android app development.

About the “Best Company to Work With” Badge

"Best Company To Work With" is an exclusive program run by GoodFirms where the Leaders Matrix companies are recognized with a Badge, an exclusive article about the Company, and a supporting PR.

Such recognition stands as a support to establishing trust and authenticity within the B2B community. It also enables the participating companies to improve their ranking. Higher ranking in the Leaders Matrix categories ensures inbound backlinks from GoodFirms LeadersRoundtable podcast campaign, and a certified "Best Company to work with" badge.

About GoodFirms

GoodFirms is a B2B research, review, and listing platform that helps businesses accelerate their digital journey and maximize the value of modern technology. The company connects service providers with service seekers through a comprehensive and thoroughly researched fact-based list of the leading services and solutions. Recognized as a reliable source for the B2B market, GoodFirms has world-class experience with partners across the globe.



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