How is Cubix playing a role for the future of digital technologies in the post Covid world?


31 Dec, 2020


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future of digital technologies

As a digital product development company, Cubix realizes the value of digital awareness, which helps businesses and people’s lives progress through the pandemic, illustrated during the COVID-19 outbreak. It is crucial for every company and other entities as well as nations to remain competitive in a post covid world to develop the requisite infrastructure to sustain a digitized world and work seamlessly in the future of digital technologies.

Customers have moved dramatically towards digital portals during the outbreak, and industries and companies have tried to respond in turn. Authorities and businesses worldwide have been urged to intensify new technology usage in responding to the COVID-19 epidemic to minimize its effects.

The Enhancement of Digital Capabilities:

Cubix Mobile Applications always encourage a digital environment. Being a part of society, Cubix knows how important it is to save nature and make the planet green. Everyone likes nature, and it is our core responsibility to guard it for the planet and every human being’s wellness. We analyze that it is essential to promote digital existence with our data-driven development approach even after the Covid situation gets ease.

Following Technologies will Embrace in Post Covid-19 World.

AI-Enabled Applications:

Artificial Intelligence Applications will help organizations deal with the inevitable flood of daily routine tasks that were delayed and are now flooding on the tables. The ability to summarize work would allow you to concentrate on the right stuff, organize it, and delegate it to the right resources.

This Covid surviving generation’s mentality may not go back entirely to the previous normal in the post covid world. People will highly rely on online platform to purchase goods and perform transactions. Some employees will still choose to perform their jobs remotely. To handle all these new normal, we will need smart, transparent approaches to maintain order and understand human behavior. In contrast, any digital system’s smartness is based on the intelligence created artificially to meet the human intelligence level. Thus, Cubix have a firm grip over emerging technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, and computer vision to create a firm base for future challenges and make a digital world a happy place to survive.

Connecting the Physical World with Virtual World:

This epidemic has expanded the number of individuals who use Virtual headsets to play games, discover simulated travel destinations, engage in other online entertainment. Simultaneously, they are lonely in quarantine and use this technology to pursue human contact through social VR channels. While VR and AR are once having an image as ideally suited to gameplay, such expectations are challenged continuously by leaders in the field.

Medical sectors use AR systems to prepare and assist specialists and nurses in understanding human anatomy. Likewise, modern instructional devices are making their way to the classroom for AR technology, enabling students to learn more comprehensively with their subject. As a wide array of institutions use AR – Augmented Reality and VR – Virtual Reality instructional resources, the wide variety of ways they can support individuals is increasingly evident.

Cubix is also enhancing the environment with VR and AR tools to educate personnel, conduct workshops, work on projects, and virtually link staff.

Helping Businesses to Build Digital Ecosystem:

The pandemic has uncovered a scary fact for most businesses: firms are much more fragile than anticipated. The entire world economy is feeling the consequences of this disease outbreak and the digital revolution’s need. Yet on the horizon, there is a bright spot: Cubix is on track to improve the future of trade, making it safer and more productive.

Although technologies and data are transforming every company drastically, several still don’t have their business practices digitally activated. Company performance will depend on two aspects of the post covid world—a controlled experience with the client and making digital ecosystems. In different ways, digital ecosystems deliver consumer value: by dynamically integrating goods with online services, developing innovative and data-driven digital experiences, and adopting subscription-based market models.

Development of Telehealth Applications:

Throughout these turbulent times, the value of digital healthcare technology has been made apparent. They are ready-made choices, instead of the other way round to offer healthcare to patients. Usage of telehealth apps shot through the roof. In regions where healthcare costs are high, it is necessary to ensure that care is provided by adopting telehealth. Telehealth applications’ development needs a certain degree of tech expertise and a high level of responsibility. A little negligence can cause a matter of life and death in such sensitive systems. Cubix android applications and Cubix iOS applications are always tested with the industry-standard benchmarks to ensure smooth and bug-free performance.

In the future, healthcare services will need to change the way they screen, assess, and handle patients using approaches that do not solely dependent on in-person contact experience. Telehealth systems help connect patients with the necessary treatment while reducing the possibility of virus transmission.

Cubix also has a dedicated guide for healthcare mobile app development, which you can read here.

Blockchain and Digital Payment Platforms:

The advancement of electronic cash technology makes it possible to make transfers without any direct human interaction. It is being given a considerable boost by fear of contamination with COVID-19. Digital (or online) payments, in particular, have gained a lot of attention since the outbreak. Digital media is revolutionizing at a broader level of how we work, buy, play, read, and live in a world of COVID-19.

Blockchain, particularly for infectious diseases like COVID-19, can also be used to monitor global health data. It may lead to more detailed monitoring and practical answers with improved blockchain accountability. Blockchain can help to create therapies easily as they allow data to be stored instantly, allowing illnesses to be identified before they escalate to the stage of pandemics.

Cryptocurrencies behold the future. In an anticipated time, cryptocurrencies and e-wallets will become the primary source of transactions. The blockchain-based digital currency will replace the physical currency notes. Currencies notes will become disappear from the land like they never existed. According to the market and market analysis report, by 2019, the cryptocurrency industry was estimated at USD 1.03 billion and is predicted to hit USD 1.40 billion by 2024. Businesses have started working on Blockchain Technologies to develop a robust and transparent framework and make a secure spot for themselves in the future. Considering the need and importance of advancement in the future, Cubix has already developed a Cubix Chain powered by blockchain technology to reshape the post covid future world into a transparent, safe, and seamless place to live.


Focused on thousands of patients’ results, we will definitely have vaccination and newly approved therapies in the future. We would be able to provide new guidelines for public health for how to avert any tribulation on this magnitude. What is almost transparent is that the routine we get back to will be drastically different from the one we had before the epidemic.

If something this pandemic has shown us, our lives are not sustainable for our world. Instead of in-person workshops, we all had to play with virtual alternatives, virtual meetings for jobs, digital education for students, and virtual gatherings. These have proven to be practical and an environmentally friendly way to work in a networked society.

The COVID-19 fiasco will, without confusion, come to an end soon. We’re going to return to our lives and revisit the city life. Except that life can vary considerably. Besides, achieving this would depend on our existing behavior. We must uphold the steps of social distancing and decrease the transmission of the disease. We’ll witness the post-pandemic world only then.



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