How Mobile Applications are Transforming the Industries in Covid-19?


25 Jan, 2021


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Mobile Applications

An uninvited guest has ruined the party (from the party, I mean planet earth, and from the guest, well, you are smart.) The effects of covid-19 not only lasted on human’s life but also on an economic level.

But one good thing that happened in this whole pandemic crisis was that we all have found our new friends known as mobile applications. Not every industry was able to stay the same as they were before the disease outbreak. When organizations were struggling to run their operations in an uncertain environment, mobile applications surpassed their usage levels. Zoom all alone hit the new 3.2 million downloads in just one month. Whether they are android applications or iOS applications, they immensely helped us survive the lockdowns and perform work from home. Enterprises adopted this new routine and facilitated virtual workspace to ensure business continuity. From transforming the industry to consumer behavior, everything changed with web and mobile applications.

This article will discuss how mobile applications are changing the different industries after the covid-19 situation.

Healthcare Application Industry

In terms of income and growth, the healthcare sector is one of the most booming sectors. The global economic downturn barely impacted healthcare. Healthcare is the industry field, which has mostly incorporated the technologies into itself, thereby being a vital component of the functioning methodology. Medicine delivery applications and on-demand medical expert apps, in addition to hospitals and clinics, offer a significant service during Covid-19 to support patients.

To help distribute coronavirus-related messages to the public and address questions about it, chatbots have already been created. Developers should be free to incorporate what has been known to operate in their variations or modifications. The growing use of wearable devices and the rise of connected health care have increased spending, positively affecting the incidence of chronic disease diagnosis. Most of the healthcare institutions have embraced modern technologies for improved healthcare. Remote patient monitoring also reduces the chance to the nursing team of infection.

Android applications and iOS applications proactively provide recommendations on the healthy hygiene steps you should take to prevent disease. Considering that there is already a lot to be learned about the virus and knowledge to be disseminated, applications that avail the opportunity to do one or more of these items would provide users worldwide with tremendous benefit.

Fitness Industry

The covid wave resulted in the closing of health clubs and gardens that saddened many fans of wellness. It has become more challenging to work out by social distancing, self-quarantining, and the shut down of several gyms. Any top fitness mobile applications, though, fit into the shoes of the daily gym trainers aptly. Infection that primarily impacts the respiratory system makes it evident that individuals have attempted to get their health routines in focus. Over the months when COVID-19 was spreading the fastest, analysis from Sensor Tower showed downloads of fitness-related mobile applications increased significantly. They made it possible to keep efforts towards our wellness targets for many of us at home.

Online Delivery

A massive worldwide industry is the food industry. An unparalleled invention was the lockout enforced after a pandemic. Another challenge that caused people to close down their businesses was the risk of being sick. Thanks to how easily you can directly order through your mobile devices, online food ordering apps are becoming more prominent. For most of us, online food delivery is now better than cooking up cold meals in an oven. The development of a food ordering app provides thousands of restaurants and millions of dishes. This industry has evolved rapidly since customers, instead of wasting extended hours and waiting in line at a physical venue, choose to buy food online.

The critical contribution of delivery apps could not be more evident with how many people using these apps to order vital supermarket goods and food via their phones, with social distance in place and almost most people told to sit at home. Companies and corporations, small and broad, will eventually continue to collaborate with delivery companies because of this virus’s expected long run, stressing the enormous potential for app development in this field alone.

Entertainment Industry

The moment this pandemic had people cling to their houses, it was clear that it would brighten up video applications. Entertainment is a reasonably useful weapon to fight anxiety and deter one from being overcome by stressful situations. The corona crisis was made somewhat more bearable by these applications. Entertainment applications have seen a rise in the number of customers when the pandemic began to gain more worldwide territory. After all, these apps help many individuals, particularly young people, who have plenty on their hands while in quarantine. In this challenging time, Streaming and video-on-demand (VOD) platforms have gained new viewers and subscribers exponentially. 73.08 million Netflix subscribers were only from the U.S and Canada in the 20203rd quarter.

Due to loneliness and remaining at home with little else to do, the entertainment industry is rising faster than before. During the deadly virus, YouTube, Amazon prime video, and other streaming video services benefited. To grow related applications and inspire businesses to launch internet streaming companies, smartphone app development services are now in high demand.

E-Learning Applications

Schools and colleges are required to remain closed because of COVID-19 in most nations. E-learning applications like Coursera, Udacity, Google Classroom, and many more though have been our instructors. To manage interactive classes for students, academic institutions are using video conferencing and e-learning apps. To gain new skills and expertise, many people use e-learning software to use free time within their residences effectively.

And this is a direct consequence of an increase in smartphone applications’ development to bridge the gap produced by a coronavirus. Education applications have helped instructors communicate with their students and continue with the study even at a distance.

Virtual Gatherings and Meetups

COVID-19 brought about the loss of chances to meet with friends and have fun. Though, any social networking platform allows individuals across the globe to keep up with communications, much as they did before the pandemic. Providing a diversion from the present reality, developers of mobile applications have managed to do that by social networking applications.

Gaming Industry

COVID-19 locks dramatically expanded the number of hours spent in front of computers for many persons, which encouraged many people to pursue new virtual practices. A bright light in this recession is the smartphone game industry. In the growing amount of smartphone game downloads that are currently ongoing, this quickly becomes obvious. Unsurprisingly, sports have always been the best means of diversion for many people. Games act as a perfect way to shut yourself out of the anxiousness. The time is excellent for game studios and programmers and gaming service companies to turn more casual players into long-term clients.

Wrap up

Covid-19 has brought a significant setback to enterprises, but a few enterprises are flourishing. Consumers are more oriented on the above sectors and are the only few firms profiting from our current situation. In today’s economy, these sectors keep corporations going smoothly and are rising rapidly. Hopes are already existing, and resources for growth and security are still developing if companies take the opportunity to explore and, most critically, operate on them.

If you are still uncertain about the term, now is the time to invest in mobile applications. With thousands of reasons to raise your attention and expertise through various markets, you need not miss a chance.

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