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31 May, 2019


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Today app-focused products are a norm for a number of reasons. Application development is not a choice; it’s a necessity for fast-forward businesses who continuously want to be present online for their customers.

More and more businesses are considering to develop professional apps for business escalation.  The first question that comes in every mind while considering mobile app development is how much does the app development cost.

If this is the question running back of your mind, then Cubix will help you figure out how much you can suppose to pay off for your next fancy mobile application.

Cubix can provide you accurate estimate related to app development cost because we know this very well. We develop iOS and Android applications for startup and well-established businesses around the world.

Your app cost estimation largely depends on a number of factors including your development team, app’s design, features, platform, functions, complexities, and technologies being used in the development process.

Factors That Determine App Development Cost

Development Team

Your app development cost largely depends on the development team you choose.  The team sizes may vary as per your app requirements. Based on the proficiency your project demands, you may select from the several options including a freelancer, offshore development team, or an agency like Cubix. Moreover, your app development process will need a basic or extended team, again depends on the project requirements.

The basic team consists of a project manager, a UI/UX designer, at least two programs, and a quality assurance engineer.  In case, if a backend infrastructure is required to develop an API, then a backend developer will also be added in the team.

In case of complex application development, you may need an extended team which will include An admin panel designer, 2-4 Android or iOS developers (per platform) backend developer and above mentioned members of the basic team.

Freelancers or in-house developers are relatively affordable and is a good option for the small-scale app, but if you are considering a large-scale business app, then you should consider hiring an app development firm.

Mobile App Development Cost

App Design

The first step in estimating your app’s cost is its design. The design of your app determines the technologies, platform, social media, and other needed technological stack. When it comes to deciding the application design, you must consider your app type.

Typically, there are two broad types of mobile applications simple apps and complex apps, depending on the model you select, your app’s cost will be determined.

Simple Apps

Simple apps cost less because it includes less complicated features, one or two functions, no backend infrastructure, involves fewer software libraries and few specific APIs.

Complex Apps

The development cost of a complex application is quite high because it uses multiple services and functions. Such applications entail strong backend infrastructure, link other software libraries, services and require continuous updates and added features as the ongoing support. Hence, the more functionality your app provides, the more it will cost to develop.

mobile app development cost

App Features & Functionalities

Again, all the associated features and functionalities of your app are the cost defining factors for the development process.

Apart from integrating the general features, your other chosen features will be considered as additional and will be included in the technical specifications of the app.

For example: employing third-party integrations, libraries and frameworks will be vital for improved app functionality and faster navigation.

However, some features can be added later, depending on the application’s requirement. Such features may include geolocation services, payment gateway, social media sharing, and others. These features can be added for some apps but for restaurant and cab booking apps such features are vital.

Similarly, if your app does not contain a huge amount of data, then the back-end development is not an essential feature.

Back-end development is commonly used to exchange data between the mobile application and the database.

Moreover, if you will integrate in-app purchase facility to your app, then the cost of your development will be increased due to the design complexity.


Selecting your app’s platform requires a lot of analysis. It’s a critical decision that could shift your development cost. An affordable way to run your app on multiple platforms is a hybrid development model.

The hybrid development model is a cost-effective way; in this model, your app’s language is written in the cross-platform language, e.g., HTML 5 or JavaScript. The only snag with a hybrid app is that certain device features, including GPS location services and camera functions, may not work in the app.

On the other hand, Natively written apps can utilize all aspects of the devices and operating systems. For example, an iOS application will be written in Swift (Apple’s programming language). Similarly, native apps for Android devices written in Java.

Keep in mind that releasing native apps across all major mobile operating systems will cost you more because major platforms require different programming languages.

Your development process becomes extremely complicated when your software design requires native functionality, but you only have a budget to release the app on a single platform. Always carefully consider platform options that best suit your target audience.


Your App’s complexity is also a significant factor in determining the development cost. Up to this point, you comprehend the specific factor of app development cost, including its platform, design, features, and functions. Now, you need to identify your app’s complexity level.

Maybe your app’s back-end systems will not support your app functionality, you can find it through testing your app feasibility. The test can be done by accessing public data by sourcing APIs.

An app will require a diverse set of requirements depending on its platform and devices. At this point, your development team will figure out if your app functionality is not useful or they may need some more additions that ultimately results in a higher cost.

Development Timeframe

The timeframe is an important consideration when it comes to estimating the cost of your app development process. The time limit of your app development varies depending on the app’s complexity, scale, APIs, and other technologies required to power your app.

The development time of your app will directly affect your cost in two scenarios. The first is the specific project deadline. Project deadline ultimately increases your cost because it involves various resources to finish the project on time. The more the resources assigned to your project, the more cost you have to pay.

The second scenario is a longer development timeline. Some apps are protracted; therefore, take time to be completed. Professional developers save time by following the agile approach to development.

Through the quick and efficient approach, developers timely deliver snapshots of the development progress to update client and take feedback.

The quick client communication and feedback help developers to speed up the project that also results in lowering the overall project cost.

A number of features and technologies influence app development cost; you have to determine what is best for your budget. At Cubix, we have the vision to extend your business experience with apps that fit in your budget. If you are looking to start your app development process, then let’s talk to us.

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