How To Recruit and Retain Skilled Individuals

Sadaf Jamil

7 Apr, 2023


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Retain Skilled Individuals

Some say; having people around you is paramount for enjoying longevity. That’s true for living a good life, right? But that’s also fitting from a business standpoint.

Whether you’re in private or civil service, or own a business, only the right people in a significant number can help you establish your presence as desired. At Cubix, that’s what we essentially look to achieve; but how do you hire the right people?

Now, there’s a reason why every organization aims to employ the people based on their skillsets and experience. The latter encompasses a lot, and that’s why companies deploy robust screening processes to make sure they get the right resources hired. But that’s not all; while hard skills are imperative, people skills are of tremendous value.

Before we delve into what an organization can do to hire and retain employees in the long-run, running a few basic checks for baseline culture fits is crucial. You won’t identify such candidates too frequently, but when you come across them, these are the people you will hope have all the necessary skills too. If they don’t, you shouldn’t worry because skills can be taught to a good culture fit.

“We prioritize hiring individuals with the right attitude; such people can always learn the skills required for their success.”

Urooj Zehra – VP Human Resource Department

With that said, for any organization, recruiting suitable people can be tough but retaining them remains a bigger challenge. Let’s touch upon a few aspects that will guide us toward achieving our goal.

We Must Have a Long-Term Plan for Our People

Once you recruit the right people, your main objective should be to retain them or retaining them should be your utmost priority.

Now, you may ask how will that be possible? That brings us to yet another very important question. What makes a person stay at any organization?

Let’s try and address both these queries in one go.

People stay where they see career growth and opportunities. So, it is important to give these individuals a chance to explore, arranging workshops to upgrade themselves, which, in the long run, will not only benefit the company but them as individuals.

That instills a sense of accomplishment in them and makes them crave for more. The growth of an employee is directly proportional to the growth of the company.

Quality Leadership Drives Organizational Growth

Organizations want people with leadership qualities; but mind you, many people who think they are leaders may not live up to what’s required of a leader. A leader is someone who inspires and motivates a team, bringing them together as a unit, helping them to be more productive.

Leaders are empathetic, good listeners, effective coaches, reliable counselors, prominent mentors; all in one. Above all, such a person is one whom the team members trust and respect and can have an open communication with. All these factors contribute in retaining skilled individuals.

Digital Accessibility Hands You the Keys to Meaningful Expansion

An ace digital workplace is the need of today. It empowers employees with technology and tools, improving collaboration and communication between the management and the employees, thereby, nurturing a strong relationship. It gives the employees a sense of satisfaction when they feel that they are being heard.

Other than that, their productivity and performance improve as they get to coordinate in real-time to get their tasks done and obtain feedback instantly. Providing employees with tools to make simple everyday tasks easier enables them to get more done is less time.

When employees are engaged and feel gratified, they are more likely to stay there for long, benefiting the organization.

Leverage In-house Resources

Why do skilled individuals switch companies?

There can be various reasons for this, but mostly, it is because they seek career growth and better utilization of their capabilities and interests to keep them motivated.
Companies now provide their employees with opportunities to make a switch within the organization, providing trainings to upskill or reskill them.
In the same way, managers can check and match the internal resources to a specific task or project. This does not only facilitate individuals to achieve their career developmental goals but benefits the company, as, instead of going through a recruitment process, they retain and utilize their in-house talent.

Be Adaptive

Who wants inflexible leaders? A leader who is not flexible limits his or her teams’ ability to take initiatives or think out of the box, thereby, jeopardizing teamwork, dedication, confidence and eagerness of these skilled individuals while creating an aura of restlessness, unease and negativity. This not only affects the individuals but the organization as well. When they don’t see any growth, they opt to leave.

So, being adaptive is a requirement as change is the only thing that is constant. This also means creating an atmosphere of close interaction with the team and being adaptive to their needs.

A work environment where their suggestions are heard and input is appreciated. If any of your skilled individuals is willing to work for the company but has some issues with the timings, you may address the issue by offering a suitable time slot that is mutually benefit if that doesn’t affect the role in question. Thus, retaining a valuable asset for the company.

Move Ahead with A New Approach

The sooner companies start adapting the new strategies to acquire and retain talented individuals the better. If we are stuck with the traditional methodologies, we will lag behind from the competitors.

To exceed, having a fresh approach is the main element. Implementing a culture that promotes personal development, boosts in-house talent, is open to communication, suggestion and feedback, encourages team leaders and above all, is updated with technology, will place you at a position where you are able to acquire, retain and upgrade the workforce and outsmart your competitors in future.


Sadaf Jamil

Sadaf's career spans many valuable years. Her first berth was at a prestigious educational institution, after which she spent a significant time in HR Management. With strong communication skills, Sadaf delved into the business development arena. Her passion projects revolve around books, pets, and photography.

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