Is the Apple vs. Google Saga Hyped Beyond Reality?


30 Jul, 2021


4 min read

Apple vs. Google

A burgeoning tech market prevails amid what’s described as cutthroat competition, but is there more than meets the eye when it comes to the perpetuated rivalry between Apple and Google?

As you load your news sources each day, you are bound to find updates concerning Apple and Google. From innovative tweaks to new software and product releases, there is always something fresh out there. And among these details, many anticipate an upsurge or at least the latest update on the Apple vs. Google perpetual saga. And that’s what we usually get.

As we love to satiate on fiascos, disruptions, and clashes taking place in the corporate world, we may be in for some disappointment and possibly feel annoyed at news concerning two of our favorite tech gladiators, Apple and Google.

According to one news source, “Google pays Apple a reported $8 billion to $12 billion annually to install Google Search on iOS, and therein lies the truth behind the Google-Apple relationship.” Behind the façade of ruthless competition, the close working relationship between the two companies “minimizes Google’s incentive to compete, innovate, and invest in application distribution, as Alphabet’s child company gains more by cooperating with Apple.”

While this latest allegation against Apple and Google has emerged through Epic Games, making their claim based on court documents, if you run a Google search with Apple and Google as your search keys this week, you tend to see results on SERPs like the ones below:

These sorts of titles tell you a mixed story. And for the sake of argument, let’s suppose the allegation against the tech titans has some credence; does that mean we have not progressed in tech? Has it hurt tech innovation? If so, how much has progress been hurt? Does it even matter to the end-consumer? And if so, what does it mean for them?

While we could discuss the ethical fallout and what should or shouldn’t have been the case, but that’s not very helpful for us as part of an exceedingly vast tech fraternity. Perhaps, the decision and all that leads up to that should best be left to the courts, and the case may proceed on its own momentum. And while a few prominent names are a part of this case, we think it’s worth looking at the insane amount of tech updates and releases almost throughout this summer.

This week alone, when we ran a google news search for Apple, we got the following results, which is almost half the SERPs highlighting Apple’s products and services, or creating some hype in a bid to boost anticipation:

While you can see how much business and technology news concerning Apple alone is out there, this offers the tech industry immense opportunity when it comes to developing associated products and services. While the gadgets on their own with their native software are incredible, innovation adds spice to the ecosystem. And that’s where talented programmers come in and unleash their brilliance. For example, the mobile app development service industry is a lucrative; day after day, we get to see one mobile app development company or another entering this competitive arena. And this is just one example of the competition propelled by the giants.

The alleged Apple-Google secret cooperation is one thing, but there is undeniable vast opportunity fueled by this.

Most people wouldn’t be able to fathom a concrete answer to the allegations, and that’s for one simple reason – what would be an alternative to the existing state of things with the internet, especially given that the two tech giants account for a massive part of the industry revenue?

While not playing advocate for any side, no one appears to have an alternative. But if it’s any consolation at all, we’re all on the winning side since we all benefit tremendously from the Internet and the way it operates, continuously providing us with many opportunities.



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