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11 Jul, 2023


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iOS Development

From connecting to your audience to hitting your conversion goals, you may be an app away from your targets. Consider this; an average smartphone user now spends over a third of their waking hours on their smartphone. This presents businesses with an opportunity to connect with their audience on a channel they are already hooked on.

iPhone users make up around 50% of smartphone users in the US. This blog lists how iOS app development might be what your business needs.

Crafting the Extraordinary – A Dive into iOS App Development

Despite Android’s Play Store outnumbering App Store, Apple’s applications are known for unmatched quality, experience, and performance.

Application development is driven by the need of expanding business reach, which an iOS app helps establish – owing to its ability to give businesses a wider presence due to its enhanced scalability and versatility.

Predominantly, iOS apps have a closed ecosystem and Apple closely guards its source code. Which raises security barriers and makes it difficult to hack a system.

When Should a Business Opt for iOS App Development?

First factor that influences your decision of whether to go for iOS development or not, is whether you have a viable audience on iOS platform that would be interested in using your app.

If the answer to the above query is affirmative, then you should focus on getting an exceptional application made. Here are a few benefits that should be on top of your mind when going for iOS development:

Increased Revenue Generation and ROI: Moving the Scale Up

iOS remains to be one of the long-reigned operating systems in the US market, with a market share of 57.75% – 15.87% above Android.

It promises a higher revenue generation due to an elevated probability of in-app purchases. In 2020, iOS in-app purchases hit a margin of $72.3 billion. And today, the average Apple purchase amount stands at $12.77 – higher than Android.

A primary contributing factor to accelerated in-app purchases is due to streamlined app payments through the Apple App Store. Explaining that users don’t have to enter separate credit card details or other payment information for every purchase.

Minimized Device Fragmentation: The Unified iOS Landscape

Apple devices have relatively similar proportions. Hence, when creating apps for iOS, the UI of the latest release doesn’t have to go through a list of changes – leading to lesser app development time spent for iOS apps.

Other than the screen proportions, elements like the hardware specifications, screen resolution, size, and OS are all factors that have to be considered when taking on app development process.

However, iOS comes with a closed ecosystem, i.e., there are fewer device variations that developers need to consider during iOS app development

An Accelerated Development Time: Crafting Solutions Made Easier

App development is notoriously time-consuming. Contrariwise, this isn’t the case with iOS app development. Remember, less device fragmentation? This is where it comes into play.

Additionally, iOS app development is done using Swift – an efficient app development language. It allows you to write code in simple syntax, that almost resembles human language.

Conclusively, a faster app delivery reduces an app’s Time to Market (TTM) and promotes a quicker application launch.

Empowering Business Success: Unleashing the Power of Tailor-Made Apps

Mobile apps promise to be the ideal business gateway for growing success. One way this gets accomplished is through enhanced connectivity with the audience. And, with a custom iOS app, the possibilities are endless.

Meanwhile, your business vision is unique and you need to invest in an option that is an alternate to a one-size-fits-all approach. Customization helps you stand out in this competitive environment. The best way to accomplish that is through going for an iOS app that promises to add value to your user’s lives, while offering a personalized experience.

Robust Application Security: Promoting Safer Transactions

iOS has stood as a probable winner for offering robust app security. iOS offers a single keychain API that automatically unlocks as soon as the device unlocks. While iOS offers a dedicated area to Keychain, which eliminates other apps’ access.

While developing an iOS app, you can integrate security features that prevent activities like phishing, etc.

Empower Your Visions With an iOS App: Leverage Innovation, Creativity, and Originality

iOS app development holds tremendous potential for businesses seeking unparalleled profitability. With the thriving iOS market and the purchasing power of iOS users, investing in iOS apps is a strategic choice that could help businesses reap tremendous returns.

At Cubix, our experienced developers are ready to bring your business vision to life with captivating iOS apps. Working with us, you can expect seamless development, attention to detail, and exceptional user experiences.

Don’t miss out on the possibilities. Contact us today to unlock the transformative power of iOS app development for your business. Let’s revolutionize together!



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