Mythical Games wins $150M round at $1.25B Valuation


24 Dec, 2021


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Mythical Games

If there’s one thing that can solely be pointed out as a metric for the relationship between NFTs and gaming, it would be the massive investments. Andreessen Horowitz, invested $150M at a $1.25B value in Mythical Games. These funds will help to develop NFT’s squad, scale operations, and attract new game innovators, and underscores the importance of NFTs in gaming.

A significant amount of ownership belongs to Mythical Games in the P2E market, after securing funs in 2021. Around May-June, they closed the $75 million Series B round.

Mythical will have playable NFTs to encourage ownership in a broader manner via funding.

A rage of newer projects can be anticipated toward the end of 2021. These will include Blankos Block Party, and D1 Capital, along with other notable players in Series C.

Along with NFL and One Republic leader Ryan Tedder, there will also be other entertainment brands propelling the finance.

Blankos Block Party game had early access with Mythical Games around the beginning of 2021. In Blankos Block Party, custom crafts and layout enhance the multiplayer experience. In addition, a variety of Blankos also adds to the experience. Users can increase leverage when exchanging Blankos on the Mythical Market.

Mythical hinted that the Monetary Engine and Commerce will be licensed. This was announced at a primary developer partnership announcement.

It may secure some revenue streams through sponsoring new plays under collaborations. E.g., a CCG Lab digital trading card game with a strategy game will be launched for Nitro Nation’s collection.

With the mythical medium unfreezing the player’s fiscal worth, game creators can earn real-time rewards and collectibles that can be sold to enthusiasts in the game for real currency. Moreover, Mythical-built games are authentic, and are supported by secure monetary exchanges.

Facilitating game programmers by establishing a bridge that connects the Mythical Chain with a public blockchain, such as Ethereum, can be worthwhile – programmers can establish links between their wallets.

Moreover, developers can enhance user engagement by becoming shareholders in their preferred games. Besides this, content creators, influencers, eSports teams can also unlock the business models.

And the best part? The latest game developers are protected through a private sidechain that is EVM-compatible.

Chief Executive Officer at Mythical Games has stated that players spend thousands and thousands of dollars annually on digital gaming, but they don’t get any value from all that spending.

With NFTs in gaming, there will be an overall new concept of game design centering around scarcity as opposed to F2P games that are inflation-driven, from an economics standpoint. Mythical Games’ Chief Executive Officer John stated during the company’s new release.

A16z’s, Arianna Simpson, implies that Mythical Gaming made its contribution to P2E concepts. In addition, the organization has been a significant influence on gaming technology studios since it applied its exclusive design and gameplay to draw in mainstream enthusiasts.



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