All You Need to Know About the New Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

Ibad Rehman

4 Oct, 2023


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New Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses

At the Meta Connect event, Meta introduced its second-generation Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses. These stylish eyewear accessories offer users a choice between two distinct styles: the classic Wayfarers and the newly introduced Headliners. This upgrade signifies a substantial improvement in the technology integrated into these smart glasses, making them a noteworthy addition to the wearable tech market.

Enhancements in the New Smart Glasses

The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses represent a significant advancement in wearable technology. These glasses come with numerous improvements, including enhanced photography capabilities, upgraded audio quality, increased water resistance, and seamless support for live streaming.

On the aesthetic front, users now have more choices with three new transparent frame colors: jeans, caramel, and smoky rebel black. Additionally, the glasses accommodate various lens types, allowing for greater personalization.

The camera resolution has seen a substantial jump from 5 to 12 megapixels, and storage capacity has been significantly increased to 32 gigabytes from a mere 4 gigabytes. Users can now record full 1080p videos, with each clip capped at 60 seconds.

Furthermore, these smart glasses offer the convenience of live streaming directly to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, provided a nearby smartphone is used. Battery life has also been extended, providing approximately six hours of mixed use or around four hours when live streaming.

Camera and Sensor Placement

The smart glasses are equipped with a total of five cameras. One discreetly sits within the nosepiece and two cameras are cleverly concealed behind the logos on either side of the glasses, contributing to a sleek appearance. An additional two cameras are strategically positioned on the arms of the glasses. In transparent color options, such as jeans, the internal components become visible, showcasing the technological sophistication of these eyewear devices.

User Controls and Interaction

User interaction and controls are seamlessly integrated into the design. A touch panel on the arm of the glasses facilitates navigation and control through swiping and tapping gestures. A dedicated capture button allows users to effortlessly take photos or initiate live streaming.

For those who prefer voice commands, the glasses support voice control. Users can simply say “Hey Meta, take a video,” making operation more intuitive. Notably, the glasses provide audible feedback through their speakers when voice commands are recognized. The speakers themselves offer an impressive 50% increase in volume compared to the previous model while significantly reducing sound leakage.

Meta View App and Privacy Features

The Meta View app has undergone a complete redesign to enhance the user experience. It highlights new features and simplifies access to existing ones. Voice controls extend to the app, enabling users to send pictures to friends through messaging services. The app adapts and learns user preferences over time, ensuring the selection of the right messaging service and contact.

In terms of privacy, the glasses now feature an LED indicator lens, which is brighter than before, ensuring users are well aware when photos or videos are being taken. Importantly, if an attempt is made to cover this LED, the glasses will prevent any media capture, prioritizing privacy and consent.

Charging and Battery

This latest version of Meta Raybans comes with an easy-to-carry charging case reminiscent of the classic Ray-Ban cases. This case is equipped with a USB-C port for convenient recharging and has the capacity to hold up to 8 additional charges, resulting in an impressive total runtime of approximately 36 hours.

Pricing and Availability

These technologically advanced smart glasses are attractively priced, starting at $299. Users can opt for polarized lenses or transition lenses, with prices varying accordingly. Pre-orders are already available, and official sales are scheduled to commence on October 17th.

User Perspective

The new meta-raybans feature a streamlined design, improved tech specifications, and an array of style choices. The notably louder speakers with reduced sound leakage and sharper camera capabilities are highlights. The fact that the price remains unchanged from the previous model makes these smart glasses even more appealing.

Business Implications of this Development

The introduction of the Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses carries significant business implications, especially for companies operating in the tech, fashion, and augmented reality sectors. These implications include:

  • New Marketing Opportunities: Businesses can explore innovative marketing strategies using augmented reality. Advertising campaigns and product launches can leverage the unique features of these smart glasses to engage and captivate audiences in novel ways.
  • Data and Analytics: With AR capabilities and the Meta View app, businesses can gather valuable data on user behavior and preferences. This data can inform product development, marketing strategies, and personalized recommendations.
  • Privacy and Security: As AR technology evolves, companies must prioritize user privacy and data security. Developing robust privacy policies and ensuring secure data handling will be crucial to maintaining user trust.

Welcoming the Future

As the world of augmented reality and wearable tech continues to evolve, it presents exciting opportunities for businesses to create and upgrade apps that are compatible with emerging platforms and devices, such as the Meta-Rayban Smart Glasses.

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