SharePoint and Digital Asset Management


15 Jan, 2021


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Digital Asset Management
SharePoint and Digital Asset Management are quite common in terms of organizing, managing, and collaborating with assets. Both of them focus on empowering team members. Well, does this mean Digital Asset Management system eliminates the requirement of SharePoint altogether?To get your answer, you must understand what SharePoint and Digital Asset Management are and their offerings.


What is SharePoint? SharePoint is based on a website, which is a collaboration system. Due to its highly flexible nature, you can use this system for workflow applications, security features, databases, and other web parts to empower team members.

SharePoint allows the company to have a common platform where they get the ability to control data accessibility. Also, companies can manage, store, and process documents according to workflow in every department.

Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a fundamental source of certainty that allows a company to store, find, organize, manage, analyze, and distribute their digital content.

Also, Digital Asset Management (DAM) boosts the benefits of every file, such as videos, images, and other media. In short, the DAM is a digital content storage and sharing solution.

What does DAM offer?

Before choosing the DAM solution, you must identify your needs and see if the DAM is the right solution or not. DAM solution offers a few core principles that are following;


There’s no value of DAM if you can’t retrieve and find your assets. Therefore, your asset management system should allow flexible metadata schemes. Flexibility allows you to modify labels and fields to go with your specific requirements. It also enables your intuitive retrieval and search.

System Adaptability

However, this results in having less stress, clutter, and higher productivity in your work environment.


Major aim of every company is to have a collaborative workplace with DAM. Digitalized companies seek a system that offers various tools to help in maintaining collaboration among assets.

You can use DAM instead of email to enable more native, well-organized, and efficient discussion in any specific digital asset.


Several digital assets are built to have efficient distribution. DAM system reflection distribution allows you to easily and quickly distribute data to more than one platform, including email, desktop, social media, and other destinations.

Reporting & Analytics

An ideal DAM system can deliver a huge number of custom reports. Reporting & analytics are the significant tools you can use to ensure maximum ROI of your DAM. If you fail to measure ROI, you won’t be able to improve.

What does SharePoint offer?

Companies use SharePoint to build websites. They must seek a secure place to organize, share, store, and access data from other devices. For SharePoint, all you need is a website browser like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Chrome. The offering of SharePoint is following;

External Sharing

External sharing of content, files, and data with other people is whether they are a part of the organization. Sharing data securely is easy with SharePoint.

Content Management

SharePoint’s content management features help manage and organize content by using lists, libraries, records management, metadata, and retention policies.

Team Sites

Team sites offer a place for pre-arranged groups of users to collaborate and view data, content, and news.

Communication Sites

Having communication sites to communicate and share data across companies with dynamic sub-sites.

Mobile Apps

SharePoint allows you to have mobile apps to help users access team sites, intranets, content on Android, Windows devices, and iOS.


Manual functions are old-fashioned. SharePoint automates your business process by creating manageable workflows and alerts.

Search Functions

Your search functions get more efficient because SharePoint allows surface or access to relevant content or people.

Benefits of Digital Asset Management

Digital Asset Management is not just a platform or system, but it’s also a process. You become more efficient in managing and organizing your digital assets with zero system error. Store and process all your data, information, attachments, and metadata in the DAM system.

In a DAM software solution, you get to have a secured system that is centralized. DAM also simplifies the development, storage, management, deployment, production, and tracking of assets.

However, the DAM system solution likely enhances the library of digital media that streamlines all. To boost your productivity, it removes bottlenecks from the workflow.

Benefits of SharePoint

SharePoint helps in increasing the visibility and productivity of workers across all businesses (large and small). Each feature is centralized around the intranet to provide a collaboration experience. This collaboration allows you to share data securely, manage workflow, content management, and collaborate via features.

SharePoint is quite easy to sustain when collaboration is website-based. Moreover, it’s easy for business operators to understand at its fundamental level. You can also Customize SharePoint infinitely and make it massively scalable. Businesses utilize SharePoint in several different ways to increase ROI (return of investment) and productivity.

Significant Use of DAM

Data Asset Management (DAM) supports the significant enterprise data needs of voracity, velocity, and volume. These requirements help in transforming the traditional local enterprise into resilient, robust, and dependable SMAC (social, analytics, cloud, and mobile) data services.

DAM has a hybrid-cloud architecture that enables collaboration between commercial software and open-source. Hybrid-cloud architecture offers the mechanism for the production of Data Services, including integration and data management, presentation and process execution, insights, and analytics.

However, several companies are promising to invest because of the new capabilities and capacity that the Data Asset Management releases.

Significant Use of SharePoint

Features of SharePoint makes workflow quite easier for people on ad-hoc projects. Building a standard business procedure to share data, published documents, and recordings. As an intranet platform, SharePoint is enhancing work efficiency in 500+ companies for the past 17 years.

Features like integration security, co-authoring, and controls offer the business owner to have more capability. Advanced features and capability allow business owners to complete tasks proficiently and maintain the integrity of workflow.

In short, features improve an organization’s productivity; SharePoint has better collaboration systems that showcase relevant data.

Companies often use SharePoint to publish the company’s huge bulk of data such as announcements, HR documents, and memos.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re aware of SharePoint and Data Asset Management system and what makes them different from each other. You better equip your workplace with SharePoint and Data Asset Management to grow your business.



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