Should You Invest in NFTs? A Guide for Investors


30 Nov, 2022


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Should You Invest in NFTs

Let’s take a closer look at what NFT truly is before discussing its components and whether it will even be a secure investment in the long run.

Pictures, paintings, or any other digital asset transformed into a one-of-a-kind entity by producing a special digital signature is called an NFT. Your digital assets will therefore be defined as something you own that is unique yet can be purchased and sold for actual cash. In addition, NFTs are special tokens, so if you sell them, you might get something new.

Why is NFT investment so hyped?

Several things spring to mind regarding the excitement around NFT and what is now making it such a hit. However, let’s focus on the most significant one for the time being. By making it unlawful to copy works of art like photos, paintings, movies, music, etc., NFTs have made a highly laudable contribution to maintaining the asset’s worth and integrity. In addition, giving the NFT owners leverage in setting their digital token price results in more control over the assets, which is a crucial factor in the NFT hype.

The passion for digital assets gradually increased, leading to more digital development. Additionally, there is now more virtual ownership as a result of this. Influencers on social media were also essential to creating the noise around NFTs.

Is NFT a Safe Investment?

NFT technology has amassed massive hype and excitement around it. The acclaim was well-earned since NFTs were as financially rewarding as another popular digital phenomenon, cryptocurrencies. As a result, many people were able to make a fortune by investing in NFTs at the right time. But, since the recent collapse of the cryptocurrency market, NFTs are now thought to be a bubble that will indefinitely burst.

The bubble did burst. So, are NFTs still a secure investment? Let’s get right into it. But first, because NFTs aren’t an asset class in and of themselves, it’s incorrect to state that someone is investing in NFTs. Instead, NFTs indicate their ownership via blockchain technology. Does this resolve the issue of whether you’ll get wealthy? Still not. Investors choose to park their money there in the hopes that prices will increase because the emergence of NFT wreaked havoc on the market.

The NFT market appears to be quite unstable, and it is still being determined if it will settle anytime soon. So, returning to the main concern: Is NFT a secure investment? It depends on what your ultimate goal is. It has been suggested that the extraordinary boom period for NFTs may have ended. According to most professional perspectives, a complete catastrophe is on the horizon or a brand-new period with even greater financial success is about to begin. But there are some good reasons to invest in NFTs if you have a lot of money. You may help artists, have access to digital and tangible goods and experiences, and feel good about helping this interesting industry.

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How Many People are Investing in NFTs Worldwide?

The market has been erratic and unpredictable since NFT became popular, yet monthly investment growth has continued. A cumulative estimate of 4.6 million to 9.3 million individuals has invested in NFT.

Top 5 Names That Have Invested in NFT

  • Adidas
  • Samsung
  • Times Magazine
  • Nickelodeon
  • Gucci

NFTs you Should Invest in

As per the current state of the market, it is quite risky to invest in NFTs. However, we have gathered a list of NFTs that can be considered when investing.

  • Battle Infinity
  • Tamadoge
  • Lucky Block
  • IMPT
  • MoonBirds

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Are NFTs Here to Stay? What is the Future?

We must briefly review how NFTs transformed the way individuals invest in real estate, acquire art, and even buy sports memorabilia to comprehend how they will affect society in the future. Experts, though, think there is more to it than what we can currently see.

Will NFTs continue to exist or not? Yes, indeed! NFTs will always exist. NFTs are a surprise, but they are also something that people have always desired: a distinct sense of identity with the capability and means to alter how we perceive art fundamentally. Although NFT and its presence in the digital world have faced several technological and business challenges, everything will be resolved and enhanced with time.

Should you Invest in NFTs? Yay or Nay?

Since the emergence of NFTs, experts have expressed their opinions on this phenomenon that has swept the digital market. Many positive tales have also resulted from it. However, we must also acknowledge that there are some awful tales where people have lost their whole life savings, and we cannot base our decisions only on positive examples. So, answering the issue of whether you ought to invest in NFTs requires effort.

Before investing, one should conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market because, at the moment, it needs to move in the right direction. We advise patience if you want to become wealthy and enter the major leagues. However, if you intend to be generous toward artists and the creative community, we suggest you jump right in. Ultimately, whether you say “yay” or “nay” depends on the result you’re hoping to achieve. So choose wisely.

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Investing in Own NFTs vs. Other’s NFTs

You can get an NFT in one of two methods. You can either purchase it from another person or mint it. When you mint an NFT, you are making something completely original. However, purchasing one calls for a pre-existing object that has already been coined into an NFT.

You should now have a clearer understanding of how each of these choices operates. So that you may choose the best solution for you, we can now go more into the distinctions.

Risk Probability

How much risk you are willing to take on is one of the first things you should consider. You learn more when you purchase an NFT, allowing you to judge whether your decision is sound. You will be able to view past pricing histories, for instance. Additionally, you’ll better understand the kind of demand the project will encounter.

The riskier option is to coin an NFT, though. Frequently, the project will be in its infancy. It will be challenging to anticipate whether they will succeed or fail. There are never any assurances in the realm of NFTs, although you may conduct some study and take past trends into account.


You also need to consider how much it will cost to mint the token. This frequently depends on the decision you make. Generally:

  • Creating original material. This will be the least expensive choice. It could be possible for you to accomplish this at no cost, depending on the platform. In other situations, all cryptocurrencies will have gas costs, which you need to pay in those circumstances.
  • Minting from a new undertaking. The alternative method of content minting is slightly more costly. However, you will often have to pay one fixed charge. This is often rather modest; however, it will vary depending on the project’s quality and the platform you publish to. But often, it will cost roughly $900.
  • Purchasing the NFT. The most variance is seen in this approach. It will be relatively inexpensive if you can quickly spot a promising project and acquire it as soon as it is released. But if you wait, the cost may increase significantly. Some have fetched millions of dollars when sold. However, you must be skilled because there are a lot of losers on the market whose value is lower than what it costs to produce.

Work Volume

Although there is still a risk, purchasing and trading NFTs is reasonably simple. Simply pick the projects whose worth could rise over the following months or years.

The process of minting your own NFTs, however, will be more difficult. You will also need to handle your own marketing if you sell your artwork. You’ll have to persuade people to support your idea and purchase your NFTs. This will need a lot of work, but it might also be quite rewarding.

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Creating Your own NFTs With Cubix

Many elements spring to mind while designing your own NFT, but not the portion where you have to produce aesthetic visuals, such as paintings, music, videos, etc. Before ever reaching the point where it becomes something you have ownership rights on, many important processes must be considered.

Cubix has far more experience in that field, which we are proud of. If you create your NFT, Cubix will assist you with opening your cryptocurrency wallet, which is necessary. Cubix will take care of all other technical issues besides the wallet. Every new idea that enters the market receives immediate attention from Cubix, which usually yields positive outcomes.

So, contact us if you want to create your own NFT.


According to analysts, NFTs are still in the early stages of their sensation. Therefore, it will take some time to establish their position in the market. So, for the time being, we must work with what we have and hope that the future brings favorable outcomes



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