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17 Apr, 2019


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With mobile phones becoming the most used electronic device, mobile games are becoming integral for engaging and retaining the audience. Over 77% of American use a smartphone and 203 million of them play games on their mobile phones, giving birth to a new generation of gamers. Not only are mobile games for entertainment, but have tremendous potential for marketing and advertising. Brands are smartly marketed via gameplay. Not to forget e-learning aided by games.

The global gaming industry is expected to cross a whopping $180 billion in 2021, with the successful growth of 30.6% from 2018. On average, gamers play games on their phones over 100 times a week. Surprisingly, the demographics for mobile phones are contrary to those of console games. 63% of mobile gamers are females, 37% are males. The statistics are seductive and give all the more reasons to develop thrilling mobile games.

But developing addictive games isn’t easy. This article explores the recipe to create a chart-topping mobile game!

Think of a Killer Idea

With hundreds of mobile games on the app stores, yours has to be unique and exhilarating enough to get players addicted. But you don’t really need a new game idea, you need a creative one with flawless execution. More often, people spend time in developing a new idea instead of an idea with infinite potential.

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Let’s talk about the most addictive games. Flappy Bird hooked everyone to their phones, tiring their thumbs. Yet the concept of keeping the object from falling down dates back to the simpler times when children would throw balloons towards each other, not letting it drop. Revamping old games with a fresh feel or new characters is also a great approach. For example, a simple car racing game can be transformed with vibrant graphics, customized drivers, and so on.

If you are confused between two to three game ideas, try developing prototypes for each. Let different gamers play the game and help you decide.

Know Your Game Platforms

Each platform has its own requirements and challenges. Before you proceed further, identify the platforms you wish to cater. Be it Android, iOS, or both, the development and designing will vary. For example, a very limited number of devices operate on iOS. Just a few iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Thus, designing and developing applications is simpler for iOS. On the contrary, thousands of smartphones and tablets are grounded on Android technology. Considering the varying screen size, graphics, and other specifications of thousands of devices is a whole different challenge.

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Every operating system has its pros and cons. You can also go for hybrid games that work on both, iOS and Android. Although the hybrid apps are more expensive to develop, considering the multiplatform integration, yet it provides wider visibility to the game. However, the decision depends on the audience who would play the game. Know your target audience and identify which devices to they use.

Create a Game Story

Stories are addictive and foster curiosity. People wait for years to watch one episode of their favorite televisions shows. The Eight seasons of Game of Thrones was released after a year and hundreds of employees called off sick on a Monday to watch the episode. The level of addiction and commitment comes with a strong storyline. A successful game requires a strong storyline that engages players and develops an appetite for more. Candy Crush stimulates players’ desire to explore more level, wonder which new challenges are on the way, develop an urge to win, share the results with friends, and more.

Giving your players reasons to keep playing is the key to develop addictive games. Give them enough to cherish when they win or cross a level that motivates them to continue. Clearly define and brand the characters in the game, just like Street Fighter. Name your characters, state their strengths, and create a story that players feel and live as they play. Finding Frez is a great example. The character takes a flight to different geographic regions and explores the world, acquiring knowledge as he crosses one country and region after another.

Start with a few unlocked levels, to attract and engage the audience. Also, keep the initial levels easy to cross and increase the difficulty level as the player proceed. Keep the levels short, because lengthy games get monotonous and players may lose interest.

Work Out the Technology

Once you are clear on the type of game, game characters, platforms, and other aspects, it’s time to work with the developers. You have multiple options to choose from. Sit down with your development team and discuss the possibilities of your idea.

One of the best options for game development in Unity. It is an easy to use development platform and highly effective for developing 2D and 3D games. Unity is compatible with multiple platforms and a popular engine. HTML5, on the other hand, uses standard technologies JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5. It’s a great choice for developing small games that require access to native features like geolocation, camera, microphone, and so. Or, you can go with hybrid mobile game development which utilizes HTML5 and Native.

Have a look at our game portfolio with mesmerizing storylines.

Design Extraordinary UI/UX

Great game design is almost everything you need. Carefully design the characters, interface, and gameplay. You have endless opportunities of designing an addictive game with 2D or 3D layouts, flat designs, or so on, depending on your gameplay. However, don’t overdo the design elements. Too much to look at will only distract the player and divert the attention towards the details. Instead, keep the designs subtle for great user experience.

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For a great design, you require extraordinary game developers with extensive experience in game development. Work with a team who best knows its work and puts timeless efforts into your project.

Decide How You Will Earn from the Game

Now that you have made a great game, why not earn from it? There are a couple of monetization strategies that will help bring revenue to the plate. For example, you can choose the freemium model where the app is free to download with some features available free of cost. However, you can earn by offering additional features for a price. Another choice is using the premium model which lets players enjoy the game for free for a limited time and purchase to play further. Also, you can make money by adding advertisements to the game application.

Game development is trending this decade. Not only are games engaging and addictive, but a great way to boost learning. For example, Now I’m Reading helps children with dyslexia in learning alphabets of English language, by customizing the learning process to address their learning limitations.

Explore our exceptional games and get ready to develop one of yours!



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