Tapping the Future in 2023


23 Jan, 2023


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Happy New Year, everyone!

Like every other new year, we look forward to 2023 with optimism, hoping that we will see better days than 2022. That’s not to say that the past year was less than ideal.

2022 was just like any other year we have had at Cubix – filled with energy, achievements, and dedication. But much more than that, 2022 opened up a whole new avenue for Cubix. The extent to which we got involved with game development, particularly P2E NFT game development, gave us the time of our lives.

NFTs Marked a Technological Shift in 2021-2022

Before 2022 ended, we saw another technological shift on the horizon. Although we all braced ourselves for this impending technology some time ago, it is now available to the public through an algorithm.

There, now that we’ve dived into the matter right away, this should give our readers a good idea of where Cubix is heading this year. But having said that, we must reiterate that this technology is still in its infancy, and there are myriad ways in which it may not be perfect.

A lot will depend on what we do with it and how it is perfected along the way. Still, we’re lucky to be alive in these exciting times. 2023 sure holds a lot for us, and we’re excited.

How We Fared in 2022

Looking back at our achievements, we feel encouraged by the fact that we were geared toward new technology and were in a position to grasp things quickly. This was because of a process upon which all our work hinges.

So, thanks to this, when blockchain games with NFTs were suddenly upon us, we can easily claim to be among the few to produce information on the subject alongside a handful of other companies. This was an incredible experience because a lot was coming our way in the shape of projects from then on.

How We Fared in 2022

New Friends and Incredible Partnerships

Cubix began to partner with some of the finest game development brands, allowing us to do what we’re exceptional at; building robust code that takes NFT games to fruition.

Second World, Taunt BattleWorld, WAGMI, MicroPets, MiniPets, and many more were our best projects in 2022. While these projects have been launched successfully, some of them are ongoing since we’re building them out further based on modules with an expansive marketing strategy. So, we have some terrific blockchain projects with us from last year as we take up opportunities to stamp our imprint in the OpenAI arena.

Cubixians Enjoy a Diverse Lifestyle

But work is not all Cubix is about; we enjoy a different lifestyle. And so, 2023 is going to be better in terms of the fun we had in 2022 with sports competitions, events like the annual picnic, an annual dinner, team meets, and much more.

Cubixians Enjoy a Diverse Lifestyle

Looking back, we have lost count of the days we hosted celebrations for fabulous achievements and outings in general. So many more reached new positions and grew their teams, receiving awards, gifts, and cars for the top performers. This year too, we expect several more shining stars to emerge with the opportunities that Cubix gives them.

Apart from this, we celebrated some immense company and individual milestones, with some members completing more than a decade with the company. This was superb.

The Cubix Technology Watchtower

Some top-performing programmers have been with us long enough to witness our history’s various ups and downs (mostly ups). Having been with us and running through a long-established process, they know the why and wherefore of our
intentional futurism.

But, of course, so do all those who have followed us carefully, especially since we have documented our process, which comprises a few fundamental details that go down to profound depths in terms of research input, collection, data assimilation, interpretation, and much more.

Having said that, Cubix always focuses on the future, which is why we’re a technology company. To operate in the industry that we do, we need to have our eyes wide open, remaining watchful when it comes to technological developments of any kind.

So, while we have fun throughout the year, we always have our eyes and ears open, constantly monitoring as much as possible from various sources.

This part of what we do has been key to picking up on crucial bits of information that give us a clue of which direction things are going in, just like Cubix did at the time of the surge in Covid cases in earlier 2019. Before the situation became a pandemic officially, we were quick to create a platform that could sustain operations remotely for our clients.

Another example of remaining diligent and preparing – according to what we observed – was around 2017-2018, when we stepped into the fintech arena. And, of course, we did the same with NFT games. And now, we have so much to embrace and explore in an expansive AI arena.



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