5 Trending Mobile App Ideas that Need Your Attention

Zen Ameer

15 Apr, 2020


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5 Trending Mobile App Ideas that Need Your Attention

Apps make us more productive and efficient at completing our daily tasks, drastically reducing time to fit in additional responsibilities. From simple communication to businesses, dealing with finances to monitoring health, mobile apps help us with almost everything. As a result, the mobile app market is a very profitable industry.

The mobile app market is continuously growing, and competition in the app world is getting tighter. According to Statista, 2020 will witness about 6.95 billion mobile users worldwide. Mobile apps are designed to fulfill a specific need that no one else is meeting yet. That’s why you need to select the best business app ideas and a team of professionals.

How to Choose Top Trending Mobile App Ideas?

Every mobile app needs unique app creation ideas, extensive research, and development resources. It’s no secret that apps have taken over the world like a storm and aid us in our daily lives. Everything is now at our fingertips, from mobile banking and online shopping to booking appointments. However, only the best mobile app ideas see the light of the day. Your app business ideas must be relevant to the target audience, offer added value, and engage users.

List of Best Top Trending Mobile App Ideas for Beginners

Mobile apps revolutionize businesses. Here is the list of the top five best trending mobile apps ideas for beginners in 2022 to diversify the revenue streams:

The corona delivery app

People around the world are facing the worst situation due to the COVID-19, also called the Coronavirus. The virus is a severe pandemic that has disrupted lives, collapsed economies, and destroyed businesses globally. It has forced governments to shut down offices, implement work from home, practice social isolation, and start countrywide lockdowns and curfews. Nobody had witnessed a situation like this before.

As the disease spreads worldwide, hospitals are running out of quarantine space to isolate infected individuals. People who have slight symptoms quarantine themselves in their homes. So how will an app help?

The idea of the app is to aid corona patients stuck at home. Create a delivery app through which patients living on their own can get medicines and food delivered to their doorstep. The rider would already know the recipient is a patient and will take safety measures accordingly.

Some exciting potential app features

Messaging – The rider will leave the parcel outside the doorstep, and wait for the patient to collect it and leave the money out.

Order Scheduling – Lets the patient order their medications and food in advance.

Easy Payment Methods – Allow online payments via credit/debit cards, PayPal, and more, to eliminate any physical interaction between the rider and the patient. However, if the patient prefers cash on delivery, then take safety measures.

GPS Tracking – Allow patients to track their orders.

Social Media Login – Enable easier and faster signups. Why limit the app to Corona patients only? The app can also be used to cater to any homebound people who are sick.

Telemedicine apps

The “Telemedicine app” is among the best business app ideas that can be very helpful during and after the current pandemic, COVID-19. In addition, the app will offer health services to people in remote areas.

Life is moving faster than ever, and people require rapid consultations. An app that connects them to a certified doctor for immediate assistance is much needed. A telemedicine app keeps people from searching for their symptoms and taking the wrong medicine. Learn more about Telemedicine.

Some exciting potential app features:

Medical History – The app can have a feature that allows users to keep their medical history accessed by the doctors they consult. Users can easily show their medical history to paramedics in a few clicks in case of accidents or medical emergencies. In addition, it will give paramedics insights into patients’ allergies, underlying health conditions, and other medical histories.

Categories – Offer users different types of doctors, including dentists, general physicians, dermatologists, psychologists, and others.

Video Calls – The app allows video calls so that patients can easily connect with the doctor to get a quick consultation.

Automatic Prescription – For the patients’ convenience, the app should have a feature that allows them to send their prescriptions to the nearest pharmacy. Then, the patients can go and pick up the medication or get it delivered. A telemedicine app is a helpful tool for people of all ages.

Language learning apps

The mobile application world has numerous apps that translate languages. The apps come in handy when you are traveling and need to understand a foreign language. However, it’s time for a language learning app. Invest in an app that helps users learn new languages. There is more to learning a language than just enhancing vocabulary.

Such an app will eliminate the need to join an institute or attend classes, and it’ll provide students the ease of learning anytime, anywhere.

Some exciting potential app features:

Multiple Languages – The app could offer courses for some popular languages like Spanish, French, German.

Vocabulary Center – Give students a chance to enhance their vocabulary within the app.

Animated Videos – Create lessons using 2D or 3D animations. Bright colors entice users to learn.

Level-Wise Learning – Encourage level-wise learning and award students with skill points that help them advance to the next level.

Practice Tests – In-app tests will help students test their language skills. Educational apps improve skills and learning experiences by stimulating learning. A language learning app is great for people wanting to learn new languages.

Travel apps

What does a travel enthusiast need? An app that helps explore new places and bookmark places to visit one day! Tourism is an industry that has picked up the pace in the past few years. A travel and tourism app targets a massive audience of adults between 18 to 50 years old.

Some exciting potential app features:

Bookmark Feature – The feature could allow users to bookmark places they want to visit next.

Travel Diary – Allow users to maintain a travel log with pictures of places they have traveled.

In-App Translator – An in-app translator will help users understand foreign languages in any part of the world.

Currency Converter – An in-app currency converter is a handy feature to know currency rates before exchanging currencies.

Emergency Numbers – The app can showcase a feature that gives access to emergency numbers of the respected country.

Fine Dining – Integrate your app with restaurants in the country and give users a variety of options to dine-out.

Reviews And Ratings – Allow users to rate and give reviews regarding specific places they’ve visited to help newbies choose their next travel destination.

You can target a vast market with a travel and tourism app because once the pandemic settles, the wanderer will unleash.

Recipe with on-hand ingredients apps

People have cookbooks and apps that have recipes, and you can put a spin by making your app an ingredient-based recipe app. Allow users to add the ingredients they have at hand and offer culinary recipes based on the available ingredients. You can easily integrate thousands of recipes online into the mobile app’s database to give users access to multiple options.

Some exciting potential app features:

Bookmark – Add a bookmark feature to let users save the recipes they like.

Calorie-Based Recipes – Add a calorie filter so users can find calorie-specific recipes.

Calendar – Integrate a calendar in the app that lets users plan meals for the week, month, or specific days.

Video Instructions – Add video-based recipes as they are easy to follow.

Nutritional Features – Add nutritional facts with each recipe for health-conscious users.

Cooking apps never go out-of-style. Users will enjoy cooking with the ingredients available in their kitchen. It eliminates the need to buy additional ingredients, which saves money, time, and effort.

Trending Mobile App Ideas for Beginners in 2022:

In the above list, we have mentioned the top 5 best trending mobile app ideas that will be very beneficial for beginners and startups, and now, we will discuss a few more trending app ideas in 2022 for beginners. Management, Fitness, Service, E-learning, To-do, Appointments, File conversion, and Communication apps are among what are trending nowadays. Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list of app ideas; it’s more of a guesstimate. You’ll need to do market research and analysis to determine whether each idea will work in real-time. However, if you want to design an app but aren’t sure what type it should be, these app creation ideas might serve as a starting point.

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