Uber Acquires Careem for $3.1 Billion – A Hope for Startups for a Billion-Dollar Future

Uber Acquires Careem for $3.1 Billion – A Hope for Startups for a Billion-Dollar Future

The unexpected romance between Uber and Careem has been the talk of the town since last week when Uber acquired Careem for $3.1 billion; the largest-ever transaction in the tech industry for the Middle East. Careem will operate as an independent company and as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Uber. Careem will receive $1.4 billion in cash and the remaining $1.7 billion in notes convertible to Uber shares.

The decision to let Careem operate as an independent company is a very smart one. The framework has tremendous advantages, as Uber can experiment with new products and services while distributing the risks across two brands. If an idea isn’t as successful as expected, the damaged will be limited to one brand only. Also, the parent company can create specific brand identities for each entity, leveraging from the already established credibility.

His Highness, Sheikh Mohammed, tweeted on the incredible deal, taking pride in the companies of the Desert which were acquired by global giants for billion dollars.

Careem – A Remarkable Startup

The Dubai-based transportation company was founded by Mudassir Sheikha and Magnus Olsson in July 2012. Careem acquired a Saudi-based home delivery company, Enwani, and expanded to Palestine in 2017 and in Baghdad in 2018. Careem has operations in UAE, Qatar, KSA, Bahrain, Lebanon, Pakistan, Kuwait, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Turkey, Palestine, Iraq, and Sudan.

The company started with a mission of simplifying and improving the lives of people. The company created over one million employment opportunities, catering more than 30 million users in 120 cities. The company has successfully raised millions of funding over the period.

The History of Successful Acquisitions and Mergers

What seduced Uber for the acquisition was Careem’s incredible progress over the years. We have known exciting acquisitions and mergers in history. Facebook acquired WhatsApp and Instagram, Amazon acquired Souq, Microsoft acquired Skype, Verizon acquired Yahoo, and so on. The one by Uber is an addition to the exciting acquisitions.

This brings us to the fact that tech startups like Careem have massive potential. The company started small and expanded bit by bit. Its extensive regional expertise makes it an eye-candy for giants like Uber.

What Do We Have In Store?

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We are certain that these startups have the potential to create wonders in the long run. Why? For they are dreams we have transformed into realities.

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