How much does Unity Game Development Cost?


8 Jun, 2022


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Unity Game Development

Games have always been one of the favorite parts of one’s life, regardless of the age group. So whether it may be enjoying the thrill-filled everyone’s all-time-favorite action-adventure game “Grand Theft Auto” or winning the battle against your enemies in Call of duty warzone’s enticing gameplay – it’s all worth your time.

Today, the game industry (entertainment sector) is flourishing even more rapidly compared to the past with the latest cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, app stores release hundreds of video games every year so game lovers can download them on their devices.

Unity game development is an ongoing market trend. It enables unity game developers to build high-functioning 2D and 3D games that support multi-platforms that include consoles, mobile, desktop, AR, and VR devices. Due to its abundant beneficial aspects, entrepreneurs are inclined towards unity game development, but!

How much does it cost to develop a unity game?

This blog aims to answer your questions regarding unity game development and its cost.


How Much Does Unity 3D Game Development Cost?

The development cost depends on the complexity, design, art assets, features, size, and amount of work required for the project, whether it’s a single-player or multiplayer game. However, the estimated cost could start from $20,000 to $300,000 depending on your project size, required services, and other factors.

However, the expertise of your unity game development partner speaks volumes about your game product. So, let’s determine the unity 3D game development process that affects the cost variation and could help you comprehend the cost according to your game idea.

Planning and Analysis

When you share your idea with unity game developers, they kick-start your project by identifying your game scope with thorough market research and strategic planning. The professional game development team adheres to the systemic and nifty approach to follow a smooth path while keeping your development guidelines upfront.

Game Prototype and Testing

A prototype is the mini version of your actual game with only key features and important game functionalities. It helps the game development team test your idea with the audience by launching a sample product based on your idea. This stage elaborates on your game vision and identifies the weak points to work on.

Game Modeling and Texturing

Once your game idea is validated through prototype development, the next stage involves game modeling and texturing. In this stage, the development team takes the individual roles to focus on the complexity, base color, storyline, material setting, and other essential parameters.

Animation and Shading

When the game’s baseline is set, the next stage comprises the animation, where animators focus on adding tiny details to the earlier-created models and adding motion to them according to the game UI and UX.

Audio Effects

At this critical stage, the sound effect is integrated with the animation that would make the gameplay audible. So, for example, the sound of vehicles’ engines, gunshots, characters’ footsteps, bomb blasts, game background music, etc., will be there throughout the entire gameplay to make the game more realistic.

Game Delivery

This stage allows the game development team to launch the newly built game in the market. However, pre-marketing your game app could help you rapidly increase your game fanbase and gain instant popularity.

Now, envision your game idea according to the defined unity 3D game development stages and determine your game idea’s category. Also, don’t forget about your budget.

3D Game Development Statistics

In recent years, the game industry has surpassed the film and music industry with a revenue generation of $155 B in 2020 and is expected to hit the revenue bar exceeding more than $260 B by 2025.

On the other hand, Unity games have amazed the game industry with 5 billion unity app downloads. Moreover, the Unity platform has become the best go-to development platform for 61% of worldwide creative game developers.

According to Unity, 50% of mobile game apps made on Unity were downloaded more than 3 billion times in 2020. Also, Unity empowers the initialization of 15000 new projects daily.

Unity’s support for multi-platforms is why game developers worldwide build awe-inspiring games using this platform, and Unity game apps were running on more than 1.5 billion devices in 2020. In addition, the report from Financial Times stated that Unity’s engine had empowered the lucrative games such as Call of duty: Mobile and Pokémon Go.

Unity Blockchain Game Development Cost

Blockchain technology shares massive sums of $11.54B in the current game industry. And it’s predicted that the amount will be projected to be almost $163B U.S dollars by 2027. As blockchain technology has taken the game industry to a new level of success with its decentralized aspects and secure earning potential, it has also challenged developers with the implementation of secured transaction features in blockchain-based projects.

However, the good news is that Web3 tech stack tools have made executing the transactions feature feasible for developers. Therefore, Unity game development cost would vary from $50,000 to a little more or less according to required features (advanced or basic) and other essential factors.

Unity Play-to-Earn Game Development Cost

Unity also allows developers to build play-to-earn crypto games in Unity 2D or 3D with NFT specified content. It covers wide-ranging game genres like adventure, racing, sports, multiplayer/single player, etc., for PC and mobile games, including wallet connectivity, game environment setting, and asset development with high-performing capabilities.

As the Unity engine empowers multiple cross-platform games, you can expect the game to grow faster. To that end, the unity play-to-earn game development costs could start from $10,000 and hit up to $35,000; however, it also depends on the expertise of the development team and your game demands.

Unity FPS Game Development Cost

The first-person shooter game genre has always been the favorite for extreme thrill-loving gamers. This game genre permits players to play in mission, quest, or multiplayer mode. While in multiplayer mode, you can enjoy many forms like search and destroy, capture the flag, etc.

Unity allows developers to build FPS games in which they can set challenging environments with fiery enemies and exciting game storylines. So, it could also cost up to $20000 with minor variations.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Unity 3D Game Development

There are several factors that count in finalizing the Unity 3D game development Cost. However, other than your developmental demands, there are other factors without which the final development cost can’t be estimated.

These factors include game features, scope, market competition, platform choices, business requirements, etc. The game design document (GDD) defines the functionality and scope of the game and sets the path to follow during the project.

A game design document includes gameplay like in-game GUI, game objectives, assets like music, audio effects, models, and essential game elements like characters, storyline, level design, location, etc.

Another essential factor contributing to the cost variation is hiring an in-house or freelance game development team. Hiring freelancers costs cheaper than in-house game development employees; however, freelancing involves certain risks.

Another crucial factor that varies the unity game development cost is your game’s functionality and complexity, which also determines the timeframe for your game development. For example, the complexity could include decision and computational complexity and game tree complexity depending on its size.

Moreover, the choice between single and multiplayer games also impacts the cost. A single-player game comprises features, characters, theme, and storyline in which the player experiences computational interactions. A Multiplayer game, on the contrary, involves more interaction among people of different regions and online connectivity.

Another common reason that causes variation in cost is the level of development – whether you want your game to be developed from scratch or want to add or improvise the feature – varies the development cost.

How to Hire Unity Game Developers?

When you plan on hiring unity game developers, ensure that they must be well-familiar with the unity system architecture and cross-platform – iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, etc. In addition, the developers should possess expertise in crafting 2D/3D graphics and should have experience in scripting API. Your team should also be efficient with game testing and bugs/error solving skills to boost the functionality of your game.

Moreover, you should hire game experts who can offer reliable game design and provide you with futuristic unity game solutions to prevent you from in-game issues that could occur in the future.

Hire Cubix As Your Unity Game Development Partner

You might now have gotten the idea of how much it will cost to develop your envisioned game. However, to deploy an outstanding and market-competitive game that will take your business to new heights of success, leverage the services of a top-notch unity game development company that will provide a smooth experience from the development process to the launch of the product and beyond.



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