Role of User Experience in App Development Company Selection

Ibad Rehman

30 Nov, 2023


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Experience in App Development

A bad experience can cause users to abandon products, and for a business, this would mean disaster.

Think about it – why would someone stick to a product that he finds irritating, confusing, or frustrating to use? Exactly, there is no reason why he should, especially when there are better alternatives at his disposal.

Now the next logical question should be, what causes a user to have a bad experience with a product? Simply put, a bad UX is almost always a result of some flaw in the product’s design. By product, we are referring to smartphone applications.

As a business, you should always aim to deliver products that offer exceptional user experience design and are free of flaws. This requires you to partner with the right development firm that specializes in creating apps with top-tier UX.

For a product manager aiming to transform their concept into a mobile app, it’s imperative to grasp the core principles of User Experience (UX). Moreover, they need to recognize the pivotal role that User Experience plays when selecting a mobile app development company. Most importantly, they must equip themselves with the knowledge required to identify the right company to bring their application to fruition.

What Constitutes a Successful UX Design?

User-centric Design

Prioritizing the user should be the central focus of app development. This involves comprehending the target audience, conducting user research, and integrating user feedback throughout the design process to meet their needs and preferences. In the business context, conducting comprehensive user research is vital for aligning the app with user expectations.

Clear and Intuitive Navigation

The design should provide users with a straightforward and logical way to navigate the app. Navigation elements, including menus, buttons, and links, should be well-organized and appropriately labeled to help users understand their location within the interface and how to move around it.

Performance and Speed

Users anticipate quick loading times and smooth interactions. Enhancing performance and reducing loading times contributes to a positive user experience. Factors such as server response times, image optimization, and efficient coding must be addressed to ensure a responsive user experience.

Common Errors That Lead to Subpar User Experiences

An app that incorporates the aforementioned qualities undeniably delivers a positive user experience, which should be a primary objective in app development. Nonetheless, there are mistakes that can tarnish the user experience and drive users away. What are these errors? Read on to find out.

Issues with Information Architecture

Poor organization and clarity in an app’s information structure can make it challenging for users to locate the information they are seeking. Avoid cluttered navigation, unclear labels, and overly complex hierarchies in favor of a clear and intuitive structure that assists users in finding and accessing content or

Inadequate User-Friendly Onboarding

A deficient onboarding process can confuse users and impede their ability to effectively use the app. Instead of overwhelming users with excessive information, provide a guided and interactive onboarding experience that succinctly introduces key features and functionality.

Complex or Hidden Settings

Burying essential settings deep within the app can frustrate users who want to personalize their experience. It is vital to ensure that critical settings are easily accessible and appropriately labeled, allowing users to customize their interactions with the app.

Inadequate Error Handling and Feedback

Unclear error messages or a lack of feedback when errors occur can lead to user frustration. It is essential to offer meaningful and actionable error messages that explain the problem and provide potential solutions. Additionally, provide confirmation or feedback to users when their actions are successful.

Excessive or Irrelevant Notifications

An inundation of irrelevant push notifications can irritate users and lead them to abandon the app. Users should have the ability to customize their notification preferences, and notifications should be timely, relevant, and valuable.

Inadequate Visual Cues and Affordances

Users should easily comprehend how to interact with the app. The absence of clear visual cues, such as missing or ambiguous buttons, links, or interactive elements, can bewilder users. Appropriate visual cues are essential to guide users and indicate interactive elements.

Lack of Responsiveness and Performance

Slow-loading screens or unresponsive interactions can frustrate users and deter them from using the app. Optimizing performance and responsiveness, including minimizing loading times and optimizing images, is indispensable.

Finding a Company That Prioritizes UX

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably eager to understand how to choose a UX-focused app development company. To identify a company that can provide an outstanding user experience, assess them based on the following criteria.

Their Clientele

A development firm with reputable clients often indicates high-quality product delivery and exceptional user experience design. Nevertheless, it’s unwise to judge a company solely based on its clientele. Continue reading to explore other criteria for evaluating a company.

Their Portfolio

Judge the company by its work – there’s no better way to evaluate a development studio. By viewing the company’s portfolio, you can get an overall idea of the design capabilities of the team.

To truly experience the user experience design though, it’s better to get a hands-on experience with the products.

Their Ranking, Reviews, and Rewards

If you are considering partnering with a development studio for your mobile app project, it’s always good to check the company’s reviews and ratings on independent platforms. Plus, if the company has a few awards under its belt, it is mostly reflective of the fact that it prioritizes client satisfaction, of which UX design is a big part.

Client Testimonials

If you know how testimonials work, you would know that companies almost always publish the ones that portray them in a good light. Why should you trust the testimonials then? Well, the answer to that is somewhat complicated.

Relying on the testimonials alone is never recommended. However, once you have checked the company from various angles, based on the criteria mentioned above, you can then read/watch a few testimonials. This gives you the specifics – you know what you can expect from the company if you decide to partner with them.

Getting Started

The benefits of UX in app development are undisputed. Hence launching successful applications requires more than mastering the iOS app development essentials, and going a step further to ensure your app offers a seamless experience.

As a business aware of the ROI of UX design in app development, you must look to partner with a mobile app development company that checks all the boxes. Cubix is one that surely does. You can check out our clientele, testimonials, reviews, and awards. And if you feel convinced, you can reach out to us with an idea for your next iOS app project.


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