Be like The Jetsons, Virtual Training Is The Future

Salman Lakhani

8 Jun, 2017


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When I was younger I could always count on two things; Dad’s Famous leftovers and Jetsons’ reruns. The somewhat fresh leftovers usually made my belly hurt, but the Jetsons had a way to ameliorate it. In this popular futurist space utopia, humans were quite advanced. Most likely because of a mass Virtual Training Project, but some things they boasted were; flying cars, augmented reality, AI, and other mind boggling inventions.

In this quick snippet, “The Jetsons Future of Technology“, one can see some of the technologies predicted come to fruition. At the 2:39 mark, the reference to video calls. In this she looks at a video screen and says “Mother” and it immediately calls her mother via face time. Almost like using Siri to call your teacher for a quick lesson.

Virtual Training is not a new concept but it is one of those things, without advances in technology; IOT, cloud services, streaming videos, advanced hardware. Without these it would simply not be feasible or pragmatic.

What is Virtual Training?

Online learning is not the next big thing, it is the now big thing.

Virtual Training

If it is so great why isn’t everyone using this technology?

Well… they are! Over 41% of Fortune 500 companies already utilize virtual training projects to save money.  But as any technology progresses, there will be updates and better systems created.

Do you have the most up to date strategies for employee retention?

Are you still using archaic methods of training your employees?

So…What do you need to create a Virtual Training project? What makes a virtual training project a success?

Expert technical team



Expert level programmers


Agile processes

Experienced management

everyone using this technology

Fortunately, I don’t eat Dad’s leftovers anymore but the Jetsons has personally imprinted values of STEM in a young mans’ mind which has translated over to our company’s DNA. Cubix has the experience, dedication, and talent to make your Virtual Training Project a success. Check out a short portfolio of some of our favorite mobile development and software projects we have done. Portfolio

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Salman Lakhani

Salman Lakhani is the Founder & CEO of Cubix, Inc. He has over 18 years of experience in software development, creative and strategic operations.

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