Windows 11 Will Have a Fresh Design and Start Menu


25 Jun, 2021


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Fresh Design and Start Menu

The wait is over. A new version of Windows has been confirmed. It’s on its way, and it won’t be long before we get to see a new version of the operating system with a fresh design. The focus of this design has rightly been on the user experience, and its simplified interface works well with its new Windows store and a major facelift to its performance and multitasking measures. Another bit of good news is that Windows 11 will have support for android app use.

A Centered Start Menu

This is a breath of fresh air. Windows 11’s first eye-catching feature is its new Start menu. This and the Start button are placed at the taskbar center. The last time anyone saw a centered menu associated with Windows was when Windows 10X emerged. That project was discarded, but some key features were salvaged; so, we’re now seeing some of the UI details from 10X implemented in Windows 11.

Start Menu Tiles Resemble What the macOS Has

Windows 11’s new Start menu includes Live Tiles that are reminiscent of Windows 8. You will see apps, and recently accessed documents coupled with a separate search interface. And in case you’re wondering, it’s not your imagination; the centered look is akin to macOS and Chrome OS, something Windows enthusiasts had on their wish list, among other desired features.

Another notable feature in this display is the rounded corners similar to the Android and iOS. “…the team has obsessed over every detail,” says Windows chief Panos Panay, which reminds us of Steve Jobs’s obsession with product and software design. With this approach, Windows 11 designs might appeal to Apple fans.

Also, Windows 11 design gurus have included updated dark and light modes that have a better aesthetics than previous versions.

Snap Layouts

Microsoft allows users to now snap apps into its various permitted modes supported by Windows 11 – this feature is called Snap Layouts. Windows 11 will help you locate where your apps have been stored with what they call Snap Groups. This is said to be particularly useful if you are hooked up to a multiple display setup.

Another item struck of Windows enthusiast’s wish list is smaller and quicker system updates. Windows updates will now be 40% smaller than before. Moreover, they are said to be more efficient since they’ll take place in the background.

Microsoft Teams Integrated in Windows 11

Microsoft Teams will now be integrated with Windows 11, and it will be accessible through the taskbar. You can call your contacts from there, which can be seen as an advancement over Skype that was associated with Windows 10. Now you can use the universal mute button from the system tray to put your microphone on mute. This puts all apps on mute.

Widgets and Gestures

Windows 11 also has widgets and touch gestures. Its widgets offer a personalized feed driven by AI, and these are more advanced than what we encountered with Windows 10.

There is also an improvement made to the gestures on tablets and touch targets; you don’t need to be in tablet mode, as Windows 11 automatically adapts to accommodate your touch with the OS.

Along with this are inking and voice typing enhancements; Windows 11 will offer support for haptic feedback with some pens, suggesting the need for new hardware.

Xbox is a major part of Microsoft, and we also got some news earlier about PC gaming with Windows 11. There will be Auto HDR, a feature from the Xbox Series X / S that will be available with Windows 11. Enabling this feature adds high dynamic range (HDR) to many DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 games. However, this means that you will need an HDR monitor that’s fully compatible.

Windows 11 and the New Xbox app

Microsoft also promises speed and performance improvements for Windows 11.

DirectStorage, a new feature from the Xbox Series X / S, promises enhanced speed and performance in Windows 11 but will need the latest NVMe drives for improved game loading time with Windows 11.

You will also see Xbox Game Pass incorporated with Windows 11, owing to the latest Xbox app, which includes xCloud coupled with the Xbox app, thereby allowing you to stream games from Microsoft’s cloud.

Windows 11 App Store and Android Apps

A major part of Windows 11 is its app store with support for Android apps on Windows. This is delightful news for everyone engaged in android app development. There is a major redesign made to the Microsoft Store, and it will support a vast range of apps that were not available earlier on the Windows app store.

These apps will include Android apps, Adobe Creative Suite, as well as TikTok and Instagram. Microsoft demonstrated how Android apps and TikTok will now operate alongside Windows apps.

While all the new information coming along with Windows 11 is thrilling, we now have to wait till October for this new system.



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