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21 Apr, 2020

Cubix: We are still with you

As I write these words, I hear my kids playing and laughing in the room next door. Another team-meeting request has flashed on my screen, one of many today. There is little need to check for traffic updates on my app: I’m already home.

It’s eye-opening to think that only a month ago, I was speaking with many of you at the Startup Grind Silicon Valley Chapter. I met many emerging entrepreneurs who shared their great startup ideas, I shared my thoughts, with a stellar panel, on investment in a great startup plan, and I did a workshop on how to build an app.

We shook hands. We embraced. We exchanged cards.

Navigating through throngs passing in different directions; we smiled; we laughed; it was an experience. The air was filled with conversation and the aroma of coffee.

I would like to assure you, however, that despite these challenging circumstances we are still here for you and are standing by the startup and entrepreneur community. We might be distanced as we take measures to keep everyone safe, but we are still here for you.

We are in this together

The pandemic is having a profound effect on the lives of millions around the world. It has also brought unprecedented challenges both for people and economies and we all have had to adjust to our new reality quickly. Starting with social distancing, working from home to distance learning, life must go on as we do our part to help flatten the curve and come out stronger than before.

Stay at home, keep your distance, be safe and support each other.


Salman Lakhani,

Founder and CEO – Cubix

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