Massive success for Cubix at the Startup Grind Global Conference 2020

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25 Feb, 2020

Ten thousand people from across the globe, including startups, investors, and development agencies, came together to make Startup Grind Global Conference 2020 a glorious event for investors, partners, and visitors. The conference was all about out-of-the-box startup ideas and investment opportunities.

Cubix made participated in the Startup Grind Global Conference 2020 for the first time and had an unmatched experience interacting with some of the most creative minds from the world. Cubix took futuristic technological solutions to the conference, enabling startup founders, entrepreneurs, and companies to get a glimpse of how tech development choices influence startups’ success.

The highlights of the event for Cubix were the panel discussion and workshop with the CEO of Cubix, Salman Lakhani.

Salman Lakhani conducted a detailed workshop on the steps for building mobile apps, helping startups understand the process and challenges of developing successful mobile apps. The workshop was attended by several startup founders and entrepreneurs with brilliant app ideas.

In a thrilling panel discussion, Salman Lakhani shed light on the potential of Pakistan for offshore development. He discussed the immense talent in Pakistan and the changing dynamics in the country that have encouraged offshore development. The interactive panel discussion led to some interesting ideas and suggestions from the panel and the audience.

Cubix had the pleasure of interacting with startups and investors from across the globe. We heard brilliant business ideas and discussed the possibilities of building user-centric mobile apps. Cubix gives immense value to business relationships and participating in Startup Grind Global Conference 2020 was another initiative to continue building stronger relationships with the tech community.

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