A Nifty Indoor Golfing App Has Been Launched Under Cubix-4Par Collaboration

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2 Nov, 2022

A Nifty Indoor Golfing App Has Been Launched Under Cubix-4Par Collaboration

Cubix has built an MVP for 4Par as the first milestone of its prestigious partnership.

Florida, November 01, 2022 – The collaboration between Cubix and 4Par has brought to fruition an MVP for the game. This initial product is an innovative augmented reality gaming app that lets you work and improve your golf game. It is now available online.

With 4Par, golfing has become easy and convenient. By leveraging augmented reality, 4Par allows you to play golf in the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you like. The app uses your front-facing camera and current location on your mobile device to make any flat area a putting green.

Whether you are a golf fanatic or a newbie who has recently fallen in love with golf, this is your opportunity to fulfill your craving for this wonderful game.

The Game Concept

The founders of 4Par came up with the app idea when they discovered that there is no app on the online market where you can work on your short game and monitor and analyze your progress as a player.

To use the app, all you need is your golf club with a minimum of three balls. You also need a flat surface that the app can use for marking your targets. 4Par creates a series of target rings at certain ranges using AR technology.

By using the 4Par app, users can practice their putting and chipping skills, compete against family and friends, and measure their progress. Players play against one another to obtain the largest score as the time runs out while holding a putter or wedge.

Users may then view charts and data showing their development based on their performance, which has been captured. 4Par makes short game practice enjoyable and simple no matter where you are. And you can share your fun and progress with your friends, and choose to play solo or play with other players.

What Does it Offer?

4Par is the perfect virtual golfing experience golfers can ask for. It is a simulation game that records everything regarding your short game. So whether you want to work on your accuracy, check the stats on your win rate, see who is topping the leaderboard, or how many putts you have made so far – 4Par has got it all covered.

You can set the target on a flat surface wherever you like. Then, choose the position from your mobile device where you would like to take a shot toward that target.

Collaboration with Cubix

The idea for a phenomenal game was lying in wait for someone to come along and build it. As the founders of the game approached its prospective partner, the latter agreed to develop the game right away.

Software development pros at Cubix started working on the design and developmental aspects of the game after thoroughly understanding the concept. In addition, project managers at Cubix frequently engaged with the client to deliver regular updates concerning the project and to ensure that all stakeholders were on the same page.

Cubix delivered the project within the deadline, and the game is now live on the market as an MVP. Further enhancements are being made to it to make it even more compact, enticing, and fun.

About Cubix

With its headquarters in Florida, USA, Cubix serves clients worldwide with innovative digital products that help them reach their goals. Since 2008, Cubix has built many mobile games, enterprise-level software, mobile apps, NFT games, web apps, and websites for businesses all over the board.

For further information, visit www.cubix.co

About 4Par

4Par is an up-and-coming company that has entered the gaming world with a bang. The company leverages innovative augmented reality (AR) technology for its product, and 4Par is on its way to becoming a prominent name in the mobile gaming market with its unique and fascinating game for golf lovers.

Visit their site: 4parapp.com

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