Cubix receives brand of the year award – 2020

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1 Sep, 2021

Federally Authorized Nonprofit Entity, Brands Foundation, Awards Cubix Brand of the Year Award – 2020.

Cubix has been awarded Brand of the Year – 2020. Salman Lakhani, Cubix CEO, received the award from the President of Pakistan, Dr. Arif Alvi, at an auspicious ceremony at the Governor House in Karachi, held on Monday, August 30, 2020.

Brands Foundation, an entity authorized by the Government of Pakistan, earlier recognized Cubix for Software Development in the 10th edition of its awards. In its announcement, the foundation had stated:

The management of “Brands Foundation” extends its heartfelt congratulations to your esteemed organization and the entire team on this exceptional achievement and exemplary performance.

Brand of the Year Award is described as the “ultimate recognition for most popular and trusted brands in Pakistan.” Brands Foundation, which is an independent authorized body, distinguishes itself as a champion for the best brands from each industry in Pakistan. Cubix is its first pick from the IT industry, and this is the first time this ward has been given to any company in the software development arena.

While announcement of the award was made a few months ago via email from the Brands Foundation and through their Facebook page on March 11, the award ceremony took place at the Governor House in Karachi on August 30, 2020. The ceremony was postponed due to the recent Covid infection surge.

Recognizing Organizational Success

Brands Foundation emphasizes critical success factors for organizations competing in both local and international markets. In the Pakistani brand sector, it brings together the most credible leading brands from each industry category. Based on this, the award is now entrusted as the most acclaimed honor conferred on companies in Pakistan.

Aligned with the foundation’s critical success factors concerning operation in the local and international markets, Cubix is positioned internationally as a prominent digital product entity, working out of 3 major locations.

Cubix Critical Success Factors

Cubix has enjoyed a broad footprint in the market and is known for its vast experience and capability in developing advanced software solutions, including IoT, Blockchain tech, machine learning, and much more. Alongside the company’s technical mastery, Cubix has been highly regarded for its role during the Covid-19 outbreak, demonstrating a customer-centric focus that supported businesses during tough times. Cubix continues its innovative support to its customers and looks forward to success recognition abroad and within Pakistan.

About Cubix

With headquarters in Florida, USA, Cubix serves clients around the globe with innovative digital products that help them reach their goals. We revolutionize businesses digitally with cutting-edge technology and result-driven solutions. Since 2008, we’ve helped create tons of mobile games, enterprise-level software, mobile apps, web apps, and websites for businesses in diverse industries. With another achievement to call ours, we aim to continue creating revolutionary innovations.

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