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1 Sep, 2023

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Fl, 23rd Aug, 23 – Aspired has officially become a part of the extended Cubix family and the merger is expected to create significant ripples in the tech world.

Both enterprises are well-established in their respective domains. Aspired is a remote staffing firm that has been in operation for 3 years and Cubix (now the parent company) excels at digital product development – deploying cutting-edge technologies to create market-leading software solutions.

Cubix, which has now officially acquired Aspired, already owned majority stakes in the latter. Following the merger both Cubix and Aspired will be able to leverage each other’s expertise to attain new levels of growth.

Potential Implications of the Merger

The collective expertise of both companies promises to revolutionize the way organizations approach both digital product development and remote staffing. Each firm will complement the other in carrying out its operations more effectively, producing better outcomes for the clients.

With this acquisition, Cubix expands its horizon beyond digital products, encompassing a holistic approach to helping businesses thrive in the modern landscape.

Aspired, on the other hand, will gain access to Cubix’s management expertise and an opportunity to embody the organizational culture of excellence that helped Cubix make its mark.

A Message from the Leadership

Commenting on this landmark development, Salman Lakhani – CEO of Cubix, expressed his enthusiasm for the future: “The acquisition of Aspired aligns perfectly with our vision of pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our clients will now have access to a wider spectrum of services that cater to the holistic needs of modern businesses. This is not just an acquisition; it’s a commitment to transforming businesses and driving them toward unparalleled success.”

Micheal Atkinson, AVP of Aspired, echoed these sentiments: “Joining forces with Cubix presents an incredible opportunity to redefine the future of work. By combining our staffing expertise with Cubix’s technological mastery, we can offer our clients a unique advantage in building and growing their businesses.”

About Aspired

Aspired, under Cubix, is reshaping global talent acquisition by promoting remote work solutions. It provides businesses with access to top-notch engineers, programmers, game developers, and mobile app developers. This innovative platform erases geographical boundaries enabling borderless workforce recruitment.

About Cubix

With its headquarters in Florida, USA, Cubix has a global clientele – which the company enthusiastically serves with value-adding digital products and services. The company takes pride in using cutting-edge technologies to build entertaining games and result-oriented solutions.

Lately, Cubix has been keen to strengthen its footing in the tech marketplace. With the acquisition of Aspired, the company has placed itself at the junction of remote staffing and digital product development – hoping to leverage both to further its aim of delivering holistic and purpose-driven solutions to the industry.

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