Eagerly-awaited WAGMI DEFENSE Debuts with Global Beta Release

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16 Jun, 2022

Eagerly-awaited WAGMI DEFENSE Debuts with Global Beta Release

Cubix builds and launches WAGMI DEFENSE, an engaging game with intense gameplay; Human vs. Alien combat set in the year 3022.

Florida, June 15, 2021 – In collaboration with WAGMI Games, Cubix is delighted to have released the critically acclaimed, play-to-earn PVP Tower Defense game, “WAGMI DEFENSE,” beta version.

Players can now participate in this epic battle for the survival of Planet Earth from any device. They can earn within the game and experience a battlefield designed to offer fierce and competitive play.

Players can log in and start enjoying this multiplayer PVP Tower Defense game that leverages NFTs, the essential feature of the Play-to-Earn paradigm through which gamers are rewarded.

WAGMI’s Game Concept and Its Ecosystem

WAGMI Defense is set in 3022, where Aliens discover ‘NiFe,’ an element critical to their survival, lying at planet Earth’s core. With the invaders’ sights on the target, humans from everywhere must unite to engage in a saga for humankind’s survival.

The game is a battle where players defend their bases. They can deploy forces and power-ups from a deck of cards. The immersive gameplay allows players to flaunt their combat skills in the arena using NFT collectible cards to demolish the opponent’s main bases. Within this scenario, participants will also wager the WAGMI token.

Unique Asset Ownership Driven by NFT and Blockchain Technology

There are multiple opportunities for NFT collections from WAGMI Games. The WAGMI token is essential to the WAGMI ecosystem and is the sole virtual currency utilized in the game’s PvP component. It’s pertinent to mention that the WAGMI native token is available on both the BSC (Binance) and the ERC (Ethereum) blockchains.

Cubix developed this game for WAGMI Games with a perfect balance of fun and financial rewards that delivers one of the most cohesive P2E gaming experiences. The designers and developers have fused their signature visual style with a 3D combat aesthetic environment while harnessing gaming mechanics.

With WAGMI DEFENCE now available in its beta form, exciting times are on the horizon, with a public release scheduled for July 2022. While you eagerly wait, keep visiting cubix.co for updates on their blog. It’s time to defend the fortifications!

WAGMI Games and Cubix

The partnership between WAGMI Games and Cubix was ideal, resulting in successful gameplay development. WAGMI Games was eager to partner with Cubix from the get-go since the software development company’s technical prowess and experience expressed volumes of its ability.

Cubix lived up to their expectations and created this exciting and intriguing game based on the vision presented by WAGMI games. After experiencing the finished product, everyone at WAGMI Games is ecstatic and keen to see how gamers will respond as the public launch is scheduled for July 2022.

About Cubix

With its headquarters in Florida, USA, Cubix serves clients worldwide with innovative digital products that help them reach their goals. Since 2008, Cubix has built many mobile games, enterprise-level software, mobile apps, NFT games, web apps, and websites for businesses all over the board.

About WAGMI Games

WAGMI Games demonstrates a vast plan for its brand, which essentially hinges on the blockchain and its currency. Apart from its digital presence through its games, other media and platforms are planned, such as comics and novels, that will shape and build its brand presence.

For more information, visit www.WAGMIgame.io

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