An Exciting Golf Game Driven by AR Tech

About the App

4Par is an innovative augmented reality app that enables golfers to develop and enhance their short game skills. Using the phone's camera combined with AR technology, 4Par digitally places targets on any flat surface. This allows users to practice chipping or putting at home, work, or anywhere with the same skills training as a real green.

Location: California, United States


Our Challenge

The challenge was to combine AR and golf mechanics and create an engaging mobile app with a seamless AR interface to practice and track game progress for the ultimate indoor golf simulation.

Level-Up Your Golf Game With Innovative AR Design

4Par's strategy centers on delivering a captivating AR golf experience. Users scan flat surfaces to overlay digital targets for skill practice and friendly competitions seamlessly.

  • Engaging AR Simulations: Interactive AR practice sessions.

  • At-a-glance Performance Overview: Snapshot for quick session stats.

  • Detailed Game Metrics: View putting & chipping data, shot patterns.

  • Practice Analysis: Track time on skills for planning via reporting.

Immersive Golf Practice Experience from Anywhere

4Par allows users to immerse themselves in virtual golf indoors. With a simple scan of any flat surface, golfers can hone their short game and compete against others - anywhere, anytime.

Your personally tailored training companion

During 4Par's development, Cubix turned the vision of flexible improvement options into reality. They refined the concept by integrating AR technology and remote coaching insights, creating an intuitive experience for users worldwide. Cubix's expertise empowered dedication by offering tailored solutions and enhancing the platform. Their collaboration led to an Instructor Profile revolutionizing coaching with valuable insights into student performance.

This partnership enabled remote access to data, progress tracking, and strategy refinement, enhancing coaching efficiency. Cubix's contributions were crucial in 4Par's success as a premier training resource, expanding its reach and engaging more users through dynamic analysis and interactive challenges.

Project Results

  • Surpassed 1,000+ downloads across iOS and Android platforms

  • Integrated profiles for 30+ top instructors with tailored lesson plans

  • Remote monitoring of student performance data and progress tracking

  • Facilitated monthly ranked amateur 4Par Tour tournaments

  • 25 minute average session time with 85% monthly user retention rate

  • Acquired sponsorship partnerships from leading golf brands

  • Expanded performance analytics database accessible online

  • Introduced AI-powered coaching and shot recommendation features

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