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The Afia app is a digital medical consultation/appointment scheduler.

cubix web development

The Afia app was envisioned as a digital solution to connect people with physicians.

The Afia app is a medical consultation/appointment scheduler that you can access on the go. Users can book a consultation session or schedule an appointment through this user-friendly mobile app. You can search for suitable clinics you may find convenient and select physicians according to their qualifications and specialization. A chat feature aids communication and can make things more convenient.

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Afia Concept

The client approached Cubix with a concept that would bridge the gap between people and physicians via a digital platform. Physicians would need to be associated with the app in order for people to reach out to them and book an appointment or consultation.

The Afia app concept would hinge on physicians’ geolocations, and people would be able to contact them accordingly to book an appointment or consultation with convenience.

Determining the Principles for Afia

Technicians at Cubix analyzed the client’s idea to determine how the app could be designed to fit the logic required. It was almost immediately apparent what the use cases would be.

All users would be able to browse physicians registered on the app within their vicinity to schedule a consultation or an appointment. They will be able to select a physician according to their field of expertise and qualification. With clinics registered on the app, users will be able to plan their medical checkups in minutes while on the go.

Other underpinning factors include user profile information, which is important for identifying you as a patient/user. With a chat feature, details may be conveyed, and important messaged exchanged. Your profile would need to have accurate details such as your name, age, and location to ensure realistic and accurate appointment schedules.

The Afia app lets you search for suitable clinics to select physicians according to their qualifications and specialization..

A Practical Solution to be implemented

The Afia app has not been launched yet, but it is a solution that can help you schedule appointments conveniently and get you unlimited doctor consultations with Afia clinics at incredible convenience.