Simplifying Healthcare Appointments, Anywhere

About the App

Afia aims to bridge the gap between patients and physicians through an innovative digital solution. The vision is to streamline appointment scheduling via an intuitive platform, harnessing geolocation capabilities and enabling users to seamlessly search and select nearby clinics or doctors available with ease.

Location: Arizona, United States


Our Challenge

The Challenge was to develop an intuitive mobile app focused on facilitating convenient medical search and scheduling as per location and speciality, while protecting sensitive user info and data.

Simplifying Your Healthcare Journey with Every Tap

Afia's interface design focuses on improving user experience through streamlined search and booking capabilities. Key features include:

  • Instant Provider Search: Locate Specialized doctors & clinics around.

  • One-Tap Communication: Message providers within the app for Bookings.

  • Health Records: Maintain medical records and access all on the go.

  • Book on the Go: Schedule appointments from anywhere, conveniently, 24/7.

On-Demand Healthcare at Your Fingertips

By streamlining the search and appointment scheduling, Afia ensures users can effortlessly access medical advice or treatment during times of requirement rather face delayed optimal care.

Your Ultimate Healthcare Companion

Afia aims to become the go-to solution for the continual convenience of medical care, connecting patients to providers for reliable guidance seamlessly. Developed with a focus on real user requirements, Afia strives to simplify the process from search to scheduling appointments according to user needs and demands.

At Cubix, we recognized obstacles patients often face in their busy modern lives and envisioned Afia's design rooted in unhindered usability. Through meticulous planning and development, we crafted a secure platform focused on putting essential wellness resources firmly within easy reach from any location. Partnering closely with relevant associations, Cubix's constant support fuels Afia's capability to progressively foster improved healthcare standards.

Project Results

  • Over 100+ associated clinics across major cities

  • Secured 25,000+ monthly active users

  • Onboarded over 5000 medical providers internationally

  • Average 4.8 app rating on high satisfaction levels

  • Multiple verification services integrated

  • Growing health tools/record sharing capabilities

  • Notifications and reminders for on-time medical care

  • Strategic tie-ups for added medical/insurance benefits

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