A recruitment app to connect job seekers with employers.

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Instant job requirement matches based on job seeker skills.

Apply Up is a recruitment app that connects job seekers and employers to establish perfect matches concerning skillsets for job requirements. This app is available on the web and as an android and iPhone app, enabling immediate skillset matches.

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ApplyUp App Concept

The client wanted to build an app for the web, iPhone, and android to reach a wide audience. The concept of skillset matching with job requirements would essentially remain the same across all platforms, with mobile versions of the app logically being way more effective.

They envisioned that employers would be able to engage more job seekers, and those seeking employment could receive job vacancy alerts instantly. And this activity would be driven when the app matches job requirements against job seeker skills.

Job seekers could apply for vacancies through the app, and employers could schedule interviews with shortlisted job seekers, and subsequently make offers to selected candidates. Job Seekers could choose to accept or reject offers.

Harness the idea of an in-app screening process, interviews, and job offers.

The solution Cubix Delivered

The client reached out to Cubix with its concept to be built for the web, iPhone, and android. Building the app for all three platforms was a massive plus for Apply Up in terms of maximizing engagement. Cubix followed the same general roadmap for each platform, and planned and designed how the app would work in each case.

A backend Admin has control over everything, while there are two kinds of users, Employers and Job Seekers. Each user type has a different set of controls.

Employers can schedule interviews with job seekers they shortlist, and conduct interviews via audio and video features. Interviews can be scheduled easily, and Job Seekers and Employers can request to reschedule the interview by mutual consent.

Following interviews, employers can make job seekers. Job Seekers get to accept or reject offers. There is no restriction on Employers and job seekers accepting multiple job seekers and job offers at any point, respectively.

A Comprehensive Recruitment Solution

The Apply Up app is a full-cycle job application app comprising everything from screening to job offers, ensuring that employers and job seekers are connected seamlessly. The app has been built out and is fully operational as a web, android, and iPhone solution, engaging job seekers with employers in a much more dynamic way, as envisioned.