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About the App

Developed by Cubix, Apply Up aims to revolutionize recruitment through a mobile-centric platform facilitating rapid, relevant matching of job seekers to employers. The envisioned app centers on streamlining engagement at each stage via skill-based screening of profiles for fast and efficient hiring.

Location: Cairo, Egypt


Our Challenge

By streamlining tedious and time-consuming hiring process, at Apply Up, the goal was to revolutionize how top talent is sourced through a mobile-centric experience optimizing engagement at every step.

Optimized User Experience through Intuitive Design

Apply Up prioritizes an engaging user experience empowering both recruiters and job seekers alike. Seamless interfaces focus on streamlining talent sourcing from screening to hiring.

  • Express Matching: Apply at multiple profile-suitable roles at once.

  • Streamlined Screening: Qualified candidates auto-matched to vacancies.

  • Interconnect Platform: Application status, video interviews, and more.

  • Data-Driven Customization: Actionable insights into industry trends.

Optimizing Talent Connections at Every Stage

Transforming traditional job boards focused solely on resumes, Apply Up revolutionizes hiring by facilitating rapid, precision matches of candidates to roles aligned with their expertise.

Your Go-to App for Career and Growth

Apply Up aims to revolutionize how companies source top talent. Streamlining engagement from profiles to hiring, the platform efficiently connects job seekers to recruiters through intelligent matching of skills to opportunities.

Developed using extensive research, Apply Up focuses first on delivering a simple yet comprehensive mobile experience. Intuitive onboarding welcomes both users groups to easily discover suitable prospects and vacancies. Meticulous planning ensures fluid navigation optimized for busy schedules.

As a future-ready organization, Cubix remains committed to fostering a culture of innovation. We strive to anticipate emerging technologies shaping tomorrow while exploring synergies with like-minded partners.

Project Results

  • Seamless skill-based matching across 80+ countries worldwide

  • Over 500 companies onboarded with accelerated hiring rates

  • Average monthly user base growth of 25% year-over-year

  • Optimized profiles through dynamic, skills-based tagging

  • Streamlined communication utilizing video interviews

  • Personalized analytics insight for continual improvement

  • Successful global scaling engaging diverse talent pools

  • Pioneering the future of qualifications-first hiring

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