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About the App

AYR is an engaging app that helps users assess relationship compatibility and emotional intelligence through thought-provoking quizzes. The app presents situations to gauge reactions and analyzes answers to provide insight into personality traits, strengths, weakness and suitability with partners.

Location: Jordan


Our Challenge

The challenge was to develop a comprehensive yet easy-to-use platform for AYR that would enable users to assess relationships and discover compatible partners using insightful personality analysis.

Innovative Assessments Inspire Self-Reflection

Cubix's design approach for AYR focuses on powering insightful self-discovery and interpersonal understanding.Key features include:

  • In-depth Surveys: Explore diverse traits for self-understanding.

  • Personalized Reports: Tailored evaluations and growth tips.

  • Robust Privacy: Secure controls for anonymous sharing.

  • Compatible Matches: Algorithm finds best matches based on assessments.

A Unique Approach to Personality Assessment

AYR facilitates meaningful connections completely anonymously. Users can share insights, exchange perspectives, and uncover suitable connections without revealing personal details.

Your Ultimate App for Building Valuable Bonds

Cubix's meticulous design of features led to a successful app, resonating with users. The interactive assessment flows and visual reports provided a secure and seamless experience for evaluating personality traits and nurturing interpersonal skills. Users appreciated the care taken to deliver value while respecting their privacy. The advanced matching algorithms and vivid reporting dashboards offered an illuminating experience, empowering relationships through self-awareness.

Cubix's commitment to innovative technology ensured a platform that unlocked users' true potential, fostering connections with partners who appreciate them for who they are. This focus on user experience and privacy contributed significantly to the app's success and popularity among users.

Project Results

  • Exceeded 10,000 downloads within first 3 months of launch

  • Retained over 80% monthly active users with engaging new content

  • Achieved a 300% increase in organic social media reach in a year

  • Rising star award for relationship assessment category

  • Featured in top charts and editorial lists on iOS and Android stores

  • Earned 93% positive reviews for insightful user experience

  • Expansion to new markets, resulting in doubling the user base annually

  • Partnered with 50+ relationship bloggers & influencers in 2 years

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