AYR – Assess Your Relationship and Find the Right Match

Determine the compatibility of your relations with a simple quiz, helping you in knowing your partner better!

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Cubix Ayr Find The Right Partner

Find the Right Partner

Assess your relationship and find the right partner for yourself, fostering a long-lasting relationship that helps avoid pain and discomfort.

Cubix Ayr Manage Yourself Better

Manage Yourself Better

Knowing yourself is important for building healthy relationships. The quiz will help you better understand yourself, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and boost your emotional intelligence.

Cubix Ayr Facing Difficult Questions

Facing Difficult

You may be afraid of asking tough questions on a date. Blame it on the app but go through the test to know your partner well.

Cubix Ayr No More Wasting Time

No More Wasting Time

Don’t invest your time, efforts, and emotions in relationships that don’t have bright chances for the future. Know if it’s worth your while.

Cubix Ayr Develop Teams

Develop Teams

When it comes to packaging, an e-commerce business cannot survive without a great package design.

Cubix Ayr Control Your Emotions

Control Your Emotions

Manage your disruptive emotions and control your impulse behaviour by better analyzing your weaknesses. Become a composed partner.

Cubix Ayr Explore Relationship

Explore Relationship Compatibility

Whether you are moving forward with an intimate relationship or building a team of like-minded individuals in the organization, AYR helps you know the right candidate for the right role in your life. No more getting hurt after breakups and failed relationships, as an exciting quiz enables you to invest your time and efforts with the right person.

Cubix Ayr The Quiz To Emotional Intelligence

The Quiz to Emotional Intelligence

Self-awareness is the key to building healthy and productive relationships in the personal and professional arena. AYR presents a combination of simple and complex questions that will help know yourself and your relationships better, by revealing the compatibility with your partner, analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, and identifying areas of improvement in your personality.

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Cubix Ayr Tips To Improve Yourself

Tips to Improve Yourself

The app not only assesses your relationships but also provides tips and tricks to enhance your personality and work on your shortcomings. It scores you on different personality traits such as self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, and others. Based on the score, it recommends you actionable steps to boost your emotional intelligence, improve your teamwork skills, and strengthen your relationship-building traits.

Cubix Ayr Choose A Profil Avatar

Choose a Profile Avatar

Give your profile a vibrant touch with a creative avatar that resonates with your personality and looks somewhat like you. An exciting platform that nurtures your personality in a fun-filled yet challenging quiz. A journey to self-exploration!

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