Bright Farm – Solving a Murder Case

A murder has been committed in the heart of Mexico. Your help is needed to find the clues and identify the murderer.

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Explore Clues, Solve the Murder

Get ready to solve a challenging murder case
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Multiple Clues

The place is full of clues that will lead you to the murder. Find the clues in exotic gameplay.

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Unique Concept

Based on a unique idea of solving criminal cases, Bright Farm is full of exciting activities and challenges to level up.

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Cultivating Farms

Let’s make the experience interesting for you. Cultivate the farm with different crops while you solve the case and enjoy the journey.

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Exciting Gameplay

Bright Farm is a thrilling roleplay game that challenges your inner detective to solve the case while keeping you entertained.

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Explore the House

The clues are scattered in different places of the house. Find them in the forge, shack, river, mine, or the barn to find the criminal.

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Overcome Challenges

Finding the murderer isn’t easy. You will face multiple hurdles, but let your detective instincts guide you to the criminal.

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Grow Crops on the Farm

While finding the murderer, take some time out to take care of the farm. In an addictive gameplay, Bright Farm lets you cultivate crops, like Wheat, on the farm. Meanwhile keeping looking for clues.

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Interpret the Clues

The place is full of clues to solve the murder. Wake the detective in you and find the murderer.
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Use the Lab

Found an item that could possibly belong to the murderer? Let the laboratory help you in identifying the owner of the item. The lab will run multiple tests to help find the murderer.

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Unleash the Detective

The house is full of clues and you need to look everywhere to solve the case. Go around and explore the shack, river, forge, mine, and the barn to solve the case like a pro.

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Let’s Create an Addictive Game for You

Explore Bright Farm

Wake up your inner detective to solve the murder.