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Never ever starve for homemade food again courtesy — Chachi — An app designed to find perfect homemade food nearby.


With hundreds of chefs on board, the platform acts as a reason of appreciation too as all the foodies near your location are posting new recipes that are bound to be tasted.
Whether you are a foodie who loves to experiment with taste buds or you are looking to build an online food business, Chachi is the way to go! Get on board with professional chefs and join the circle of foodies who are always there to appreciate the posted pictures of meals.

No more cravings

Its midnight and you want a meal of homemade food so bad. What are you waiting for? Download Chachi and find deliciously cooked homemade food nearby you.

Kill all of your cravings away using Chachi, an app developed to hunt down the best available food near your location and with a menu that is mouthwatering and delicious, your days and nights will be on the go with top quality food.


Attention! Chefs and Foodies

If you are a foodie:
  • Browse by dishes or chefs around.
  • Exchange contacts with the chefs you wish to contact
  • Place your request directly with the chef and work out the details.
If you are a chef:
  • Add your dishes to the app and show off your dishes using the share icon.
  • Local foodies will contact you with their food requests.
  • Accept or deny any request you receive from the foodie and work out the details.


Chachi – boasts highly engaging user interface powered by beautiful visuals.

Chachi, a heaven for chefs

Chefs love to share their recipes and food among the foodies and that’s what chachi does. Another spice in the app is its business approach and you can always sell your deliciously cooked food via Chachi.


Added flavours of Chachi

  • Look for homemade food in your area
  • Plan your meals using simple meal planner
  • Get detailed info about chefs available for arrangements
  • Share the food tracker app with other people
  • Create chef profile
  • Provide food delivery or cooking services
  • Share your dish with complete info for other users
  • Protected location info
  • For iPhone and iPad
  • Free for download