An RTS to Put Strategy to The Test

About the Game

"Cloud of Venus" elevates the real-time strategy genre to new heights. Players venture on an interstellar adventure, choosing from three superheroes to conquer Venus. With its rich gameplay and intricate design, this game tests players' strategic planning and skillful thinking, offering an immersive cosmic journey.

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Explore Venus to Level Up, Power Up, & Dominate

Power up by exploring the frigid terrain of Venus to expand your sphere of influence across challenging new arenas through battle victories.

Immerse in Decision-Making with Strategy Heroes

Choose from an Assaulter, Sniper, or Warrior character to freely roam Venus, boosting strength by siphoning resources to pursue planet-wide dominance.

Tactical Mastery Through Resource Collection

Boost capabilities by strategically collecting gas and gold from across Venus, knowing production stats to aid decision making and strength.

Cubix collaborates with Cloud of Venus to create an RTS game that challenges and captivates players with its strategic depth and cosmic setting

The Strategy and Spectacle of the Cloud of Venus

"Cloud of Venus" stands out with its strategic depth and cosmic intrigue. Notable features include:

  • Engaging Characters Assaulter, Sniper, Warrior heroes

  • Resource Mastery Gather gold, gas, and boost stations

  • Tactical Battles Strategize attacks on stations

  • Evolving Challenges Adaptive AI across levels

  • Stunning Visuals, Mesmerizing graphics, animations

  • Immersive Soundscape Engaging musical score

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