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About the Client

Crisis Pal revolutionizes emergency communication by enabling users to swiftly inform their social circle during critical situations. This innovative app ensures that loved ones are never left wondering about your safety, providing peace of mind in moments of uncertainty.

Location: California, United States


Our Challenge

To develop an intuitive app that facilitates immediate communication in emergencies, ensuring users can quickly inform their social circle of their safety status.

Emergency Connectivity, Simplified by Crisis Pal

Crisis Pal transforms urgent communication, making it swift and reliable for those in critical situations. This app is a game-changer for:

  • Instant Alert Broadcasts: Quickly inform your circle in emergencies.

  • Geolocation Features: Share exact location for immediate assistance.

  • User-Specific Alerts: Contribute to a community-driven safety network.

  • Real-Time Updates: Stay informed with the latest incident reports.

Revolutionizing Safety Communication

Crisis Pal empowers users to disseminate verified information quickly with emergency alerts, merging user contributions with cutting-edge technology and ensuring that help is always within reach.

Bridging Gaps in Emergency Readiness

Cubix has masterfully designed Crisis Pal to offer peace of mind in tumultuous times, ensuring users can instantly connect with their social circles and emergency services when it matters most. Integrating sophisticated geolocation tracking, social media sharing, and a robust validation system for user-generated alerts, Crisis Pal stands out as a beacon of innovation in safety and communication technologies.

This app not only facilitates timely and accurate emergency alerts but also fosters a community of support and vigilance. Through Crisis Pal, Cubix showcases its prowess in creating solutions that not only meet user needs but also contribute to a safer, more connected world.

Project Results

  • Reached 250,000 downloads within the first year.

  • Achieved a 98% accuracy rate in emergency location reporting.

  • User base actively engaged, with 75% monthly interaction.

  • Significant reduction in misinformation through user confirmations.

  • Enhanced public safety and awareness in emergency scenarios.

  • Strong user feedback led to continuous feature enhancements.

  • Formed partnerships with emergency services for real-time updates.

  • Received accolades for innovation in safety and utility applications.

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