Critical situations need rapid response and in order to make your close ones worriless, it is essential to inform them about every odd situation you are going through. This is the whole idea of Crisis Pal. The app is designed to spread authentic news about you so that no one stays in blues about your presence.
Whether it is about an ongoing disaster or an unsuitable event, the app lets you notify the masses and your social circle about it and by this way, countering false news became extremely easy for all.

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Geo Locations

It doesn’t matter where you are and what the news is about, with geotagging on the go, you can always buzz the alarm before, during or after the incident. If you want to spread a news about some other location, it can be done with ease. Additionally, you can always upload text, images or videos for awaring the masses rightly.

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User Generated Content

User Generated Content

The idea is to spread the notification with authenticity and this is the reason why the content on Crisis Pal is user driven. As soon as someone pushes a notification, all of the users within the location are notified and the authenticity of that notification is determined by the number of confirmations on the issue by the people.

Taking Care of All

A feature that depicts how the app is designed to make the world a better and peaceful place. Users can also notify about an incident outside the app and one can share the news even outside the app in different groups on social media.


Crisis Pal

Crisis Pal – boasts highly engaging user interface powered by beautiful visuals.


Search Before You Move

Incase you are planning to go at a location, you can always search for the incidents first that will save you from getting affected. Moreover, user can chose a certain radius and they will be prompted via notifications in case of any uncertain situation. Additionally, the search tags of incidents and locations make it easy for users to check for their safety with pace.

Authentication of News

To make sure the authenticity of a notification, the app is designed on an algorithm that upvotes a news that is most confirmed by users and by this way, user can stay away from the dilemma of false news. Each alert has its own icon and a predefined color that determines the seriousness of a news.

Authentication of News 2