Connect Globally with Complete Anonymity

About the App

Curious Highlights Curious is a social platform that offers users complete anonymity to express their thoughts freely. It is the embodiment of the statement, 'freedom of speech.'

The app offers multiple features for phenomenal user experience. From separate user logins to geotagging on posts, in-app chat, navigation, and more are integrated

Location: Jakarta, Indonesia

Our Challenge

Cubix faced creating an intuitive social app providing a seamless, secure user experience, enabling anonymous global connections while maintaining user privacy and confidentiality at all times.

Empowering User Interaction with Innovative Design

Cubix's approach to designing the Curious app focuses on creating an immersive and interactive experience that empowers users to connect and express themselves freely

  • Intuitive Interface: Intuitive design for seamless user experience

  • Personalized Recommends: Algorithm generates interest based content

  • Privacy & Settings: Users manage content privacy and visibility

  • Real-time Geolocation: Discover & connect nearby of similar interests

Anonymity for Authentic Connections

Curious fosters genuine connections by allowing you to interact anonymously. Share your passions, engage in meaningful conversations, and build relationships without revealing your identity

Your Place to Express the ‘True’ You

Curious is the ultimate platform for unlocking your true self and expressing your thoughts without inhibition. Developed by the pioneering team at Cubix, Curious has revolutionized the world of digital socializing by providing users with complete anonymity and freedom of expression.

At Cubix, we are committed to creating exceptional digital products, and Curious is no exception. Designed with a focus on intuitive user experience, Curious offers a seamless interface that encourages users to explore, connect, and share their unique perspectives. Our talented Product Designers have worked tirelessly to ensure that Curious remains a cutting-edge platform for authentic self-expression.

Project Results

  • Enhanced user engagement and interaction levels

  • Increased connections and social networking opportunities

  • Seamless communication through intuitive in-app chat

  • Efficient content discovery based on geolocation tagging

  • Diverse range of content types shared and explored

  • Expanded social circles through interest-based group participation

  • Successful implementation of freemium model for user satisfaction

  • Personalized and secure social interactions through user profiles

What Clients Says.


Tian Setiawan


"Cubix showcased their expertise in mobile app development, UI/UX, and optimization. With their hard work, the company would soon be able to launch their app and collect feedback from their stakeholders. The team was also patient while the client was learning things about the project."

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