A fun and adventurous platform game designed for people of all ages to enjoy.

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Relish aesthetic artwork and game design that showcases rich Asian history.

Dragon Zoom is a fun and adventurous platform game designed for people of all ages to enjoy. Test your gaming skills with interactive gameplay, and make and break records as you move on to the next level. Relish the aesthetic artwork and game design, showcasing the rich Asian history on each level as you keep moving on to achieve new ranks by completing challenging stages.

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A Fun-Filled Game

Dragon Zoom belongs to the jump 'n' run game genre, where gamers jump from one stage to another while collecting coins and avoiding obstacles ahead. As the levels keep increasing, the challenges get tougher, making it more engaging and enticing for gamers.

Enjoy the dazzling artwork of the game and discover a variety of excellent features it has to offer, like appealing power-ups, in-app purchases, and unlocking new dragon characters. It is a fun game for all.

Working With Cubix

When our client, Asian Hall of Fame, approached us with this light-hearted game idea, Cubix was excited to work with them and got on board immediately. Our savvy game development team put their heads together and came up with an interacting and aesthetic design and gameplay. The team was well synced with the client, and at every step of game development, they were well-informed.

Test your gaming skill with interactive gameplay as you progress to each new level.

Current Status

The app is ready for launch, and the official date is 2nd October 2021.