EMSA – Quick Access to Treatment Protocols

Connecting over 4000 emergency responders and paramedics in Tulsa and Oklahoma City to catch up with the ever-evolving pre-hospital procedures.

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Extending Access to Treatment Modalities

Quick access to pre-hospital information.

Available Across Platforms

The mobile app is available for iOS and Android platforms. Enjoy the application on your smartphone, iPhone, iPad, iWatch, tablet, smartwatch, and more.


In-App Document Viewer

Access hundreds of manuals, protocols, and other documents using the in-app document viewer on your device. Choose from the list of documents available.


Ask Questions

The app lets users ask questions and contact the admin. Users will choose the most relevant category for the question, so it reaches the right person for an answer.


Receive Notifications

The app will notify you about recent updates, new documents added on the platforms, and news about existing content. Enable notifications to stay in touch.


Informational Content

Get a hand of relevant information happening in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Explore news about medicine, medical researches, protocols, and more.


Video Content

Learn from engaging video content as experts take you through treatment protocols, training, and field training. An exciting learning platform for you.


Latest Policies and Events

Explore the protocols, binders, videos, events, policies, and manuals shared by the Emergency Medical Services Authority, helping emergency responders and paramedics in effectively managing pre-hospital situations. The platform is a go-to place for medical professionals residing in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. Keep in touch with the latest news, events, researches, and more happening in the region.


Connect with Professionals

Have a question? Need some help? Want to talk to a professional? The mobile app lets you send your questions to the relevant person and get back to you in due time. The questions are categorized by the user, fitting them into the most relevant categories. The email for the selected category is fetched from the backend, forwarding the query to the assigned personnel or department.

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Engaging and Intriguing Content

Instead of long pages of content that gets monotonous to read, the mobile apps display content in an engaging and creative manner, including videos, audios, visual content, and more. You can easily find the required information by using the search bar. Explore protocols, videos, events, latest news, and more. A sleek app design with an interactive user interface.


Stay Updated with Events

Keep a track of upcoming events relevant to the pre-hospital processes, protocols, and procedures. Receive notifications when a new file is uploaded or a file is edited in a particular category. Enjoy an intriguing mobile app for paramedics and emergency extenders.

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