Instant Access to Emergency Protocols

About the Client

EMSA connects over 4000 emergency responders and paramedics in Tulsa and Oklahoma City, facilitating quick access to evolving pre-hospital procedures and ensuring top-notch emergency care through a comprehensive mobile application.

Location: California, United States


Our Challenge

Developing a user-friendly platform that provides immediate access to updated emergency medical protocols and facilitates real-time communication among professionals.

Empower Paramedics with Advanced Tools

EMSA is engineered to enhance emergency care, featuring an in-app document viewer, real-time notifications, and direct queries to medical experts, for elevating patient care standards.

  • Comprehensive Doc Access: Manuals and protocols at your fingertips.

  • Expert Communication: Send questions and get expert advice quickly.

  • Dynamic Content Updates: Stay informed with the latest medical news.

  • Interactive Learning Tools: Engaging videos for protocol training.

Essential Medical Support Access

EMSA revolutionizes emergency medical responses by offering immediate access to critical treatment protocols and connects medical professionals, enhancing the delivery of pre-hospital care.

Your Digital EMS Assistant

EMSA revolutionizes emergency medical response in Tulsa and Oklahoma City by offering a digital bridge between knowledge and application. With its user-centric design, EMSA ensures that over 4000 emergency responders have instant access to the latest treatment protocols, educational content, and direct lines to medical professionals. The app's comprehensive features, including a rich library of documents and videos, real-time updates, and interactive engagement methods, transform emergency responses and access to information.

EMSA's commitment to improving pre-hospital care through technology demonstrates Cubix's expertise in developing applications that meet the critical needs of healthcare professionals, making it an indispensable tool in the realm of emergency medical services.

Project Results

  • Rapid protocol access improved response times.

  • 4000+ responders connected for efficient collaboration.

  • Direct query feature enhanced expert communication.

  • Real-time updates kept users informed on changes.

  • Increased adoption across iOS and Android platforms.

  • Video and manual content usage surged significantly.

  • Notable improvement in pre-hospital care efficiency.

  • Awarded for innovation in emergency medical services.

What Clients Says.


John Yates


"The app sparked interest in the market and attracted initial users, while receiving no complaints about its functionality or usability. Cubix excelled at addressing user experience concerns, communicating clearly, and investing in the project's potential."

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