A To-Do List For Fathers To Better Manage Fatherhood

About the App

Fatherhood is a mobile app developed by National Fatherhood Initiative (NFI) to help fathers efficiently manage their parenting responsibilities. It allows customizable checklists to track daily, weekly, monthly tasks with timely reminders for active father involvement.

Curated by NFI's extensive research, the app provides a platform for dads

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Our Challenge

Cubix faced the challenge of helping fathers easily manage their parenting responsibilities amid busy routines. The goal was to develop a simple yet comprehensive mobile solution that guides men through fatherhood duties efficiently while strengthening bonds with children.

Leveraging Data Insights to Enhance the Fatherhood Experience

Cubix focused on an experience empowering fathers to stay closely involved through their parental responsibilities. By developing the Fatherhood app, Cubix aims to bolster children's well-being through more active and nurturing paternal relationships. Key features include:

  • User-Friendly Design: Intuitive and minimalistic interface for effortless usability

  • Comprehensive Checklists: Facility to schedule daily, weekly and monthly parenting tasks

  • Actionable Guidance: Interactive content and timely reminders guiding dads' duties

  • Goal-setting Features: Track resolutions and monitor role-model fathering progress systematically.

Empowering Parenthood Effortlessly

Fatherhood prioritizes nurturing healthy parent-child bonds. The app promotes engaged fathering through organized and focused parenting duties. By emphasizing quality time commitments, it empowers men to powerfully shape lives through affection, compassion and accountability.

Your Ultimate Partner for Active Fathering

Fatherhood stands out as a dedicated ally for responsible dads seeking to strengthen paternal ties. The app connects fathers to children through customizable checklists tracking daily tasks, activities and quality moments. Quickly review duties or explore guidance improving fatherly skills through this centralized resource companion available anytime, anywhere.

When Cubix collaborated with National Fatherhood Initiative, our experts worked diligently towards manifesting their vision of an empowering fathering tool. Focusing on minimalistic yet enriched user experiences, we designed customizable profiling and intuitive interfaces boosting dads' commitments. Comprehensive testing ensured a uninterrupted support system strengthening family bonds through organized parenting involvement.

Project Results

  • Over 10,000 downloads achieved in first 2 months of launch

  • 97% of installs and engagement generated organically

  • Growing community of over 250,000 fathers nationwide

  • Retention rates upto 90% for 6 months after onboarding

  • Average user rating of 4.8/5 stars on major app stores

  • Integrated program supported robust parental responsibilities

  • Simple interface drove satisfaction with unified assistance

  • Nominated for multiple awards in parenting excellence category

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