Fatherhood – A To-Do List for Fathers to Better Manage Fatherhood

The Free 24/7 Dad To Go App by National Fatherhood Initiative for fathers to enjoy their responsibilities, by installing a time-sensitive checklist.

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Helping fathers with fatherhood responsibilities

Cubix Fatherhood Simple Navigation

Simple Navigation

A simple and easy to use mobile app that makes it convenient and comfortable for fathers to add, organize, and track tasks.

Cubix Fatherhood Time Sensitive Tasks

Time-Sensitive Tasks

Fathers can organize tasks based on their reoccurrence. The app lets you add takes for daily, weekly, monthly, and one-time tasks.

Cubix Fatherhood Guidance And Help

Guidance and Help

The app helps fathers better perform their duties by sharing tips and tricks to become great fathers one step at a time.

Cubix Fatherhood Easy Sign Up

Easy Sign Up

You can sign up your account on Fatherhood by adding your name and email address. No more dealing with complicated signup processes.

Cubix Fatherhood Stay Connected

Stay Connected

The app shares information from National Fatherhood Initiative’s website, sharing the latest practical guidelines and advice, keeping in touch with trending news.

Cubix Fatherhood Timely Reminders

Timely Reminders

The app notifies the user when a task is due. You can also close the notification if you are away from your child.

Cubix Fatherhood Add To Do Tasks

Add To-Do Tasks

Fathers will add tasks on the app. There are separate fields for daily, weekly, monthly, and one-time tasks for reminders. The app will notify you when a task is due so you don’t any fatherly duty. A father’s tasks are time-sensitive, such as dropping the child to school, feeding the baby, and more. So now, you won’t miss any task.

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Cubix Fatherhood Motivate Yourself

Motivate Yourself

Looking for inspiration to do your tasks and do well with your fatherly responsibilities? Add inspirational quotes into the app and log in to boost your morale. The app shows information from the National Fatherhood Initiative to help fathers with their responsibilities, parental guide, and connect with fathers from across the globe.

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Cubix Fatherhood Intriguing User Interface

Intriguing User Interface

Fatherhood shares your fatherly responsibilities by creating a time-sensitive checklist. The user interface face is kept simple with easy navigation, and a simple checkout process. An engaging theme that allows users to manage tasks without any hassle or unnecessary overwhelming features. A light-weighted mobile app determined to make you better at your responsibilities as a father.

Cubix Fatherhood Get Notified For The Tasks

Get Notified for the Tasks

The app lets you receive notifications on the app as well as on your email. Fathers will be notified when a task is due with a range of reminders, so you never miss a fatherly task ever again.

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