Fun-Filled Flying Game Where Travel Meets Trivia

About the Game

"Finding Frez" merges the thrill of aerial adventure with the challenge of trivia. Players join Pilot Friend in an action-packed quest to locate Frez, navigating a jet through breathtaking landscapes and overcoming clouds and stars.

This trivia-based game captivates with its engaging gameplay and educational twist, making every level a learning.

Location: California, United States


Stunning Visuals and Deeply Engaging Gameplay

Experience the thrill of piloting iconic aircraft through jaw dropping scenery of diverse destinations, nimbly dodging dark clouds and chasing intriguing hints in beautifully detailed 3D landscapes.

Personalize Your Own Educational Aeronautical Expedition

With "Finding Frez," every flight is a unique adventure. Customize your signature plane, equip powerful boosters and special kits, then begin your quest to conquer immersive skies and unravel clues and mysteries.

Face Compelling Challenges and Manage Energy

Preserve stamina wisely as you explore lands, overcome puzzles testing your accumulated knowledge, answering trivia to build understanding and ensure Frez is safely guided home.

Cubix and Finding Frez unite to create a game that combines aerial adventure with educational trivia, crafting an experience that's as informative as it is entertaining.

The Thrill and Discovery of Finding Frez

"Finding Frez" stands out with its blend of knowledge, strategy, and adventure. Notable features include:

  • Diverse Global Landmarks and Trivia

  • Customizable Aircraft for Personalized Travel

  • Strategic, Fact-based Challenges

  • Engaging Graphics and Atmospheric Effects

  • Progressive Difficulty and Learning Curve

  • Diverse Challenges and Clue Hunting

  • Immersive Soundtracks and Effects

  • Intriguing Clue-Based Gameplay

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