A pay-it-forward app for contributing to the needy

About the App

G-Forward is a mobile app that facilitates convenient grocery delivery for those in need through community support. The platform allows registered users to create shopping lists, while empowering others to contribute funds to fulfill the items for a recipient.

Location: Missouri, United States


Our Challenge

Cubix tackled the challenge of creating a secure app for community support. The aim was to build an intuitive mobile app to connect neighbors during tough times, ensuring privacy and safety.

Reciprocal Support through Intuitive Features

G-Forward app fosters contribution while maintaining user confidentiality and control over displayed information. Key features include:

  • Simple Interface: User-friendly navigation and interaction.

  • Tailored Matching: Pairing based on proximity and needs.

  • Robust Privacy: Control over personal data & requirements visibility.

  • Real-time Locators: Live mapping to help users provide timely support.

Afirming Neighborly Connections Where Needed Most

G-Forward enables residents to offer and receive direct assistance for urgent local grocery needs. Engage in helping hands effortlessly through the app without face-to-face interactions.

Your Trusted App for Neighborly Support

G-Forward aims to foster stronger bonds within neighborhoods by streamlining the process of residents accessing and providing assistance for basic needs digitally. Developed with simplicity and privacy in mind, the app efficiently matches those in need to available helpers nearby seamlessly.

At Cubix, we recognized the importance of ease and community for overcoming hardships jointly. G-Forward's design underwent meticulous refinement focusing on usability from any location while preserving user discretion. Continued development centered on feedback aims to maximize G-Forward's positive impact. Together with residents, our dedication is nurturing an inclusive platform supporting all members through difficult times reliably via their devices.

Project Results

  • Over 5000+ users registered since launch.

  • Nearly 2000+ grocery lists posted by recipients.

  • 54% of the grocery lists fully funded by contributions.

  • Over 12000+ grocery orders fulfilled and delivered.

  • Strong bonds fostered through digital neighborhood support.

  • Intuitive experience from applied usability testing feedback.

  • Year one revenue surpassed initial projections.

  • Partnerships expanding grocery store coverage areas.

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