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About the App

Glamic redefines beauty service experiences by connecting freelance beauty professionals with clients. With real-time chat, diverse payment options, and an all-encompassing admin panel, Glamic simplifies beauty service management for both providers and clients.

Location: Canada


Our Challenge

Challenges included privacy, time zones, and financial transactions. The goal was to provide a secure platform for beauty service bookings, enhancing user experience.


Tailored Beauty Experiences with Advanced Features

Cubix designed Glamic to offer users an unparalleled beauty service experience through innovative features seamlessly integrated into an intuitive interface. Here are some reasons to use Glamic app:

  • Intuitive Booking: Quick service booking made easy with intuitive UI.

  • Professional Profiles: Vetted profiles with skills and certifications.

  • Secure Payments: Reliable payment options with amazing reward system.

  • Personalized Suggestions: Filter given options to find matches.


On-Demand Beauty Experiences Reinvented

Glamic's on-demand platform allows users to browse professionals, book appointments, and indulge in top-quality treatments from the comfort of their homes.


Shaping Personal Care with Beauty Experts

Glamic is reimagining the personal care experience. Developed by Cubix, Glamic has revolutionized the way individuals access lifestyle services through its seamless booking functionality and expansive professional database.

With a focus on intuitive design, Glamic offers a smooth interface that motivates exploration and discovery. Our talented designers worked diligently to ensure the app remains a best-in-class solution. Our partnership with Glamic involves incorporating new features that enrich the user experience. From browsing profiles to managing bookings, Glamic creates a world where self-care is effortless.

Cubix's strategic support perfectly complements Glamic's vision of empowering professionals while allowing clients to indulge in high-quality treatments anywhere, anytime.


Project Results

  • Enhanced booking and scheduling efficiency

  • Streamlined communication between clients and professionals

  • Diverse and secure payment methods implemented

  • Elevated user trust through verified reviews

  • Broadened service range, catering to various needs

  • Efficient management of professional schedules and services

  • Successful integration of real-time chat functionality

  • Implementation of a robust admin panel for seamless operation

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