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Glimmer — turning disabilities into abilities. Glimmer is social dating app specifically designed for people with disabilities.


Usually, people look for the same qualities in their soulmate and that’s what makes a bond stronger and special. Glimmer is an app designed for people who are disabled and are willing to grow their social circle.
The app is a complete social networking platform and you just have to create a profile to join this amazing community of people with disabilities. So from now on, never let your disability become a hurdle in initiating new relationships.

Interest based matchmaking

Connect with people sharing common interests with you and enjoy the perfect match made by Glimmer.

It doesn’t matter how big is your social circle, what matters the most is how relatable those people are and what level of understanding you have with them. People sharing common interests are more likely to stick together and that’s what glimmer does.



Glimmer – boasts highly engaging user interface powered by beautiful visuals.

Enjoy the buzz!

Stay connected with your Glimmer circle and like, dislike, share or comment on their activities. From now on, never get bored of your social life and glimmer your boring moments away. Stay active among your glimmer circle and talk your heart out. The platform is as engaging as a bee hive and at Glimmer, you won’t find dull moments ever.

Privacy is the key

Your privacy matters the most. It’s your take whether you want to reveal your disability or not. Not necessarily but it is often observed that people with disabilities aren’t comfortable sharing their deficient body part and Glimmer understands it very well. From now onwards, you are free to reveal your disability on the right moment and at the right phase of your relationship because, it’s your life, all hail to your decision.


Be a Glimmerer!

Creating profile is as easy as some clicks. Just update your
  • Photos
  • Personal Information
  • Search Location Proximity
  • Gender you might be interested in
  • Age bracket
  • Disability