Empowering Connections Beyond Disabilities

About the Client

Glimmer is a groundbreaking social dating app designed to empower people with disabilities by facilitating meaningful connections. It offers a unique platform for users to grow their social circle, share interests, and foster relationships, turning disabilities into abilities and championing inclusivity.

Location: Virginia, United States


Our Challenge

Creating an inclusive social networking app that caters to the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, promoting privacy, and fostering genuine connections based on shared interests.

Inclusive Social Networking Made Easy

The app is a complete social networking platform and you just have to create a profile to join this amazing community of people with disabilities. Features include:

  • Privacy Control: Decide when and how to disclose your disability.

  • Interest-Based Matches: Connect with those who share your passions.

  • Engaging Social Feed: Like, comment, and share within your own circle.

  • Simple Profile Creation: A few clicks to start meeting new people.

Building Bridges with Glimmer

Through an emphasis on privacy, interest-based connections, and a highly engaging UI, Glimmer provides a platform for people with disabilities to forge meaningful relationships and connect socially.

A Beacon of Inclusivity and Connection

Glimmer redefines social interaction for the disabled community by offering a platform where limitations are transformed into opportunities for genuine connections. With its user-friendly design, privacy-first approach, and community-building features, Glimmer facilitates a supportive and engaging environment for users. It not only allows individuals to connect over shared interests but also promotes an inclusive social network where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic selves.

The success of Glimmer highlights Cubix's commitment to developing innovative solutions that foster inclusivity and empower users, establishing it as a vital tool for building relationships within the disabled community.

Project Results

  • Cultivated a vibrant community of users with disabilities.

  • Enhanced sense of belonging among members.

  • Increased number of meaningful connections made.

  • Improved user confidence in disclosing disabilities.

  • Elevated user engagement with social features.

  • Broadened awareness and acceptance of disabilities.

  • Received positive feedback for privacy and safety features.

  • Acknowledged for innovation in inclusive social networking.

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